Speaking Your Truth Vol. 3

As I lie in bed recovering from surgery, I traveled back in time and wiped the dust off of an old story buried deep inside. As I put words to my journey, “Holding hands in the cement,” came to life. When I heard that I would be published, I was overwhelmed at such an opportunity. Once I settled into the idea of being an author, reality sat next to me with a long cold stare. I knew that I would have to tell my father about my writing. It was with trepidation, that I traveled to my home town to spend time with my Dad. It was during my sharing, that his soul broke open, and what came from that changed everything. I shared with him my side of the story, and for the first time in 50 years, he told me his story. I felt like an eagle soaring high on the thermals looking down seeing the entire landscape, as a complete circle. Through his tearful sharing of regret, loss, hurt, and abuses, we were healing together in ways that I could have only dreamed of. “Holding hands in the cement,” has become much more than a story. It has come to life as a catalyst that has brought me to my knees, in the deepest of gratitude. It has been like a crowbar prying open the crevices of the past, allowing for the deepest healing to take place. My story is an avalanche rolling into our lives breaking down the walls one by one that have been protecting our hearts. Uncloaking the heart is vulnerable, and scary, but some of our greatest accomplishments in life come from trusting courage, and the unknown. “Though this universe I own I possess not a thing for I cannot know the unknown if to the known I cling.”

I would also like to honor my sweet husband, who reviewed my writing with new eyes, and assisted in the first editing process. His support and encouragement, helped bring this story to life, Thank you John.

I am honored to stand in a circle of amazing women who have all taken up courage and shared their stories. These books offer such inspiration and hope regardless of the struggle. It is my hope that by sharing my story, the reader will find strength to find their own gifts, and hope that every day brings a sense of wonder to the process of healing. Sharing this story has changed my life, added layers of healing to my past, and opened doors that continue to add adventure to my journey in this life.  
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  1. Wonderful, beautiful, poignant. I'm just beginning to realize what an incredible woman you are and look forward to learning much more my sweet friend �� I need to get this book!