Energetic Attunements / Live Consciously

Workshop Logistics

Date: Saturday April 27-Sunday April 28, 2013
Saturday: 9am-9:30pm
Sunday: 9am-2pm
Location: Private home in Draper Utah (This is a day time event and does not include over night stay on Saturday)
*If you are coming from out of town, we can provide lodging options close to workshop location

Meals information: snacks, coffee, tea, water, and Saturday group dinner are included. You will bring sack lunch for Saturday and Sunday. 

Dress and items to bring: 
Please dress comfortably as we will be doing light movement throughout the workshop
Please bring the following: 
-Warm clothing for Saturday night outdoor Fire Ceremony
-Journal and pen
-Sack lunch for Saturday and Sunday
*optional: blanket, rattle or drum

Cost: Introductory offer of $299 with pre-registration!
Pre-register before April 20, 2013: $299
Register after April 20-onsite: $319


The Foundation: Building a base is key,
1-Healers rites, assistance in healing the wounds of our past and of our ancestors.

2-Bands of Power. We will be arming you with unprecedented protection! You will feel the strength in your energy field!

3-Harmony rite, We will add juice to your chakras, that will assist you in shedding the old unwanted sludge. Magical sound will help weave this new tool into your chakras.

4-"Open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find." We will be cleaning up that inner vision, the intuition, the third eye. The "seer rites" will assist you in "seeing" the big picture, the unwritten.

Now that we have built a foundation we are moving to the Lineage rites:

5-This is a divine feminine luscious rite, that will help us dance with the rhythms and cycles of the earth. We will learn about altars, and honor of nature. The Daykeeper rite will make your days more meaningful and magical.

6-Divine masculine. We will be bringing the balance and dance of the yin/yang into being with the wisdom keeper rites. Learning how to step outside of time, and restoring our compassionate nature. You will learn how create this delicate balance, and dance in harmony of wisdom!

7-We will learn how to unplug from the daily chaos, and plug into the nature that surrounds us. We will learn how to hear our guardian angels, and learn how to do our part to create a beautiful planet that supports all life.

Finally we will learn of rites to come:

8-We will learn how to evolve into a conscious radiant light being, walking on the earth with vision and purpose. The Starkeeper rites will teach us about manifesting our future, by learning how to live in the present.

9-We learn in the Creator rite, how to awaken our highest level of enlightenment, to shine our light with every step we take. You will learn how to listen to the I AM that is deep inside. You will have great understanding of the I AM THAT I AM.

We hope you will join us for this transformational learning. You will leave feeling like an unstoppable force of nature!

Tresa is a graduate of the 4 winds school of energy medicine and shamanic practice, with a specialty in dying consciously, munay ki, and crystal resonance therapy. Tresa has been designing jewelry since 1995. Each design is a one of a kind hand made piece of wearable art. The artist combines vintage and found objects, gemstones, crystals and minerals. She draws from inspiration, creating talismans and unique conversation pieces. Published author and mother of 4, Tresa spends her time seizing the day with photography, telling stories and preserving moments in life as she see's it through her lens. She is currently studying for a fine arts degree. For more info, visit 


Rebecca has a masters degree in clinical psychology (with emphasis in pre-and perinatal psychology), and has trained in shamanic energy medicine, yoga RYT, and sound vibration healing. She brings her gift of weaving sacred song, chant and poetry with crystal singing bowls and the elemental rhythms of the african drum to the energy of transformation. Rebecca spends her creative time witnessing life through the lens of her camera and writing poetry. She has a love for yoga and the breath, and the powerful nurturing energies of the ocean. Through these passions she is breathing, love connection and creative expression into the edges of now.
For more information on Weaving Sound, visit: http://wordsthatbreathe.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/wordsthatbreathe

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