A Sand Dollar walks along the beach!

                                      Sand Dollar Strolling on the Beach


Have you ever witnessed a living sand dollar walking along the beach? There is a certain magic that takes place in the early morning hours, when the tide is out.  Sea creatures come to life when the tide pools are shallow. If you're a beach comber, searching for treasure, this is the witching hour.  Much like the forest that comes alive at night, the beach is dancing with excitement. Ive found many a sand dollar in my days, but not living walking, art making creatures.  Seeing the beauty of this mysterious, strange creature, left me in a place of wonder. The small little spines move in a wave like motion, which allows the Sand Dollar to burrow in the sand, collect food, and take a merry stroll along the beach.  I saw star fish, sea urchins, small fish, crabs, mussels, birds, and if that wasn't all enough... I was greeted by a pod of dolphins that left me astonished, amazed and almost overwhelmed. It took every ounce of strength I could muster to separate myself from the magnetic pull of the mattress. It was almost painful to wake up so early, stumble in the dark for clothes, and then lumber down 4 flights of stairs to get my tired bag of bones onto that beach.  Im so excited to share my treasures and hope that you will feel see and hear the enchantment through the lens of my camera. If you ever have the opportunity to rise before the sun, I promise you will witness the allurement and wonder that left me chasing the high every morning of my vacation.

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  1. Hi Tresa, I never comment on your blog, but I want you to know that I enjoy and look forward to reading every post. Thank you for the meditations and for always reminding me to stay present.

  2. I love your photos always!! Gorgeous