A blog post to heaven, Mom I made the chocolate cake!!

MOM!!! I did it!!

I became very nostalgic as I recalled the home baked cakes my mother made for all of her children on their birthdays.  I was wishing that I had the milk glass cake platter. My pleas paid off when my sisters friend shared an ebay link with the exact replica. I also remembered that I had my mothers recipe collection. For a woman who didn't leave a journal or any written words, I am amazed at how much I learned about her by studying her recipe cards.  I was flipping through them one by one, and the stars aligned. I found her original chocolate cake recipe. I laughed out loud, with the cake platter on its way, and this chocolate cake recipe in hand.  
Im not a baker! Home Ec. class was a fail, I killed yeast starts, and was more like the muppet chef.  
My Mom, however knew what she was doing. I had to decode the recipe as she had her own way of lumping ingredients together and then adding others later. The card was oil stained and faded, but after about an hour, I was beaming as I presented my first born child with her first ever home baked cake. It was a crooked cake, but it tasted fantastic. Im guessing that the old fashioned recipes were truly BOSS!! I even found the sugar letters! I was way more excited about this creation than anyone else! I just can't believe that I pulled it off down to the platter!!  
So Mom, Im sending you this blog post to heaven.  I know that heaven is in every place that takes your breath away.  You were right there with me as I baked your special cake, It took my breath away the minute I put the last candle on it. I know for sure that you are never far away!!  
Im so full of gratitude that I have your recipe cards, so joyful to resurrect this long lost tradition. I can't wait to make this for every child's birthday!! 

I will improve with practice, for a first run, I was pleased!! 

My oldest child is 22!! How does that even happen?

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  1. Tresa,

    Congratulations on the beautiful cake...such a loving tribute to your mom. BTW, your daughter is gorgeous! You have such a beautiful family. Enjoy your summer!