Reflections from my son...

Reading through my old blog I found this post
Connors Reflections from 2009, 9 years old

Sunday night, sitting on the bed, Connor came into my room, somber and melancholy, this is what came out of his mouth (nearly word for word) my son is a very deep thinker, an old soul.....

"Mom I was just thinking, about how I have all these nice things, nice parents and good friends, and the animals that live on earth that I think that are cool. I think about how the pioneers settled the land for us and how all the army men are out there risking their lives so that we can be free. (tears now streaming down his face) Our earth is so nice. I don't like construction guys who build 5 star hotels and ruin the habitat of the animals. I think about these things all of the time. I'm happy that Thomas Edison made the light bulb so that I'm not afraid of the dark. Mom where are our ancestors from?" I said Denmark, England and a few from Scotland. "Do we have any Native Americans in our family?" "No I reply." So then I'm not American? "Well, I said, you were born in America so you are American."  "But my heritage isn't?"
 It is quite a remarkable awakening, when you recognize the depth of soul housed in the bodies that we create.  My little guy has always communicated from this place of deep knowing.  Even as I carried him inside of my body, I sensed the richness of the soul that was miraculously becoming the son, who is my teacher. Wisdom is all around us, I'm grateful for the moments when I am plugged into the mother board  of my sons beautiful mind!

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