Finding your Ripple

photo: Tresa Martindale

From that magical moment that we are born, we have it. Yes, every single human is born with an extraordinary gift something that we all share, and yet is as unique as our fingerprint.  What is your ripple? When you throw a rock into a still pond, you will notice concentric circles start to spread, building momentum and volume as they travel to the edge. The day you were born, your first ripple started. You added presence to a family, regardless of what it looks like, or the birth order if you share siblings. Newtons third law of physics says that,  "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Some ripples are big, there are humans on our planet who are able to heave actions the size of boulders, and create waves, while others may create ripples. As my photo illustrates, a tiny drop of water is able to produce a ripple.  It doesn't matter the size of your ripple, but rather the level of consciousness that is underneath it. We are all connected, and we all have a force. Some ripples may not be of the highest level of intention, some ripples may hurt. How can we set out on our journey every day, creating ripples of connection, inspiration and hope? 

~Make personal improvements. Do better, be better.
~Remember that I AM statements are powerful. Choose them wisely I AM BEAUTIFUL!
~Forgive yourself first, and forgive others. Keep your personal power intact.
~When you are feeling down, Serve others. When you are feeling Fabulous, Serve others!
~Find 3 things every day to be thankful for. Gratitude will shift the impact of your ripple!
~Exercise  your creative muscles, Paint, draw, sing, dance, laugh, photograph, hike etc. 
~Eat good food! 
~Spend time with someone you love.
~Meditate, find stillness and listen. Do yoga, pray.

Below is a post that honors our friend Marvin. His ripple will continue for generations, as he gifted our Charity, $500.000 dollars. This single donation, will create a foundation that will change the life's of children yet to come. Its easy to recognize the big ripples, but the small ones have an impact that is equal. You never know how far your simple acts of kindness may travel. Use your on line "Real Estate" for good. We have access to the world, lets be conscious about the messages we send and the ripples we create. Get up, get out there, and find your Ripple!!

Carpe Diem
Seize The Day!!

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