Transformation of the Shaman #12

This bronze statue is called "Transformation of the shaman" The original, life size sits in the healing gardens at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona. There were 22 smaller castings made to raise money for the installation. Pat Mathieson, the artist, was commissioned to create a memorial for a Dr. at the hospital who passed away from cancer. Pat's love for the native american traditions, and her great respect for women, led her to the vision of this healing statue. The Dr. loved birds, and Pat wanted to capture the transformation and healing vision in the cape, as it turns into Eagle feathers. The eagle is a powerful totem suggesting that we can see the bigger picture as we coast on the thermals, transforming one way of being into something else, perhaps better.  Pat told me that she received a call from a nurse at the hospital shortly after the installation was complete. There was a tribe of Hopi sitting in a circle around the statue in prayer, as their patriarch Elder was in surgery at that moment. She felt honored that her art was transformed into a place of gathering and healing, hope and love.  Pat also told me that at the time of the installation, the first lady of Iraq was at the mayo clinic receiving treatment. She was so moved by the energy of this statue, she took one home with her.  The cast of this shaman, made available 40 castings, only 22 have been cast so far. She thinks that the number has tapered, keeping this collection small and elite. 

Christmas morning,  2012 I opened a small box with a pair of labradorite celtic earrings. In the silken bag, was a note that said, "put these magical stones on and join a special someone in your bead room. 

I didn't have my reading glasses on and what I read was "put these magical stones on and join a special someone in your "BEDROOM." I was confused and wondering why my husband was asking me to join someone in our bedroom.  All of our children and my husband stood up waiting for me to lead the way. I headed for the bedroom, and was met with a shout "where are you going?" Perplexed I replied, to the bedroom, the note said there is someone special in our bedroom. My husband laughed and said, "NO, it said your BEAD room."  My bead room, is my art studio where I make jewelry, meditate, and create. 

So now with new bearings, I headed to my studio. When I opened the door,  I was met by my someone special, in all of her glory, standing on top of my jembe drum, casting number 12 "Transformation of the shaman." 

What a perfect Talisman to add to our home. So symbolic of my own journey, this fine art will be much loved and adored in my sanctuary.  I was able to find the artist on line, and contacted her. We had such a lovely conversation, and she shared with me her process, and love for inspiration of the native americans who are so deeply rooted in their spiritual path. She is a brilliant artist, I feel honored to own #12 of currently only 22 castings. Her web site showcases her lovely work, I invite you to have a look.  She is a treasure and a gift. 

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