Rabindra the rock star shares his Hunues

It was a beautiful day in San Diego. My husband, friends and I were wandering around Seaport village. It's a great tourist spot that I had never visited in the 15 years that San Diego has been my second home.  
It's a small village with several eclectic stores and restaurants. In the court yard was a man playing his charming and magical electric flute. Along the board walk, there were several portable tables and tents featuring local artisans, palm readers, fortune tellers, a man with an entourage of parrots.  Continuing along the boardwalk, I had to stop when I saw this man. His name is Rabindra Sarkar. He is from Calcutta India.  He stacks these rocks and accepts donations for a photo. I had to ask him what he calls these stunning rock towers. With very broken english he said "Hunues" {hoo-news} I was expecting him to call them Cairnes. Rock Cairnes have been built for centuries marking trails, graves and used in vision quests.  Rabindra, went on to explain that Hunues is an energetic state of being or connection to the stone that is required to create this sort of tower. Without Hunues, the rocks will not balance. It's a meditative state or another way of holding prayer in your soul. He went on to tell me that in Nepal, the villagers live at a very high altitude, and this is their meditation. They stack rock towers, balancing heavy rocks, at impossible angles creating stunning formations.  Rabindra handed me a small rock and asked me to balance it on the  lid of a water bottle. He showed me once and made it look so easy. I figured it would be a slam dunk. Haa, not the case.  I knew right away that this was a challenge that would not be easy. I tried and tried and could not balance a single rock. I overheard him talking about his Guru. He said that people come to her for healing and have felt better after a simple hug.  "Rabindra, have you hugged your Guru?" I asked. "Yes I have." He said. "Well if you hug me then maybe I will get the hunues and can stack this rock." He smiled and gave me a very heart felt hug. (I really did feel calmer) I returned to my rock took a deep breath, and stood in awe as my rock held its own on top of that water bottle. Rabnidra said, "You have good Hunues." You have to be very calm, and centered, I realized how easy it is to loose that state of mind, body and soul, bustling about every day. I found a new meditation that I can relate to.  One day I hope to build a tower. 

Here is the rock and water bottle where I found my "Hunues" {hoo-news} 
I am always surprised, when subtle things stand out and have the opportunity to be game changers. Meeting this sweet man stacking rocks was one of those moments. He gave me a new meditation that is practical and right up my ally. 

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