Wanderlust, Taking me away...calling me back!

These prodigious trees bubble and ooze with mythic learnings and life lessons. I learned that many of these giants are as old as 2000 years, and some even older. That is a large number, but when I put it into perspective, it's really quite phenomenal. If you consider that the average life span of a man is 74, then 27 generations of ancestors, have beheld and touched the very same trees that I did. I wonder if there were even humans inhabiting this land that long ago. I find it difficult to not have total reverence    for the grandness of what this forest is. 

Another fascinating fact, the pine cone produced by these skyscraper sized trees, is no larger than a quarter. These tiny little cones grow into a dizzying height 327 feet, taller than a 37 story building. They are also more viable as they age.  The seeds of a 1200 year old tree, have a greater chance of producing new growth. Only 10% of these seeds will ever germinate because they are ancestral by nature. 
This is the best part of the story for me. Due to a lack of resin, and high water content in the bark, these trees can withstand the fires that sweep the forest floor clean. There are several trees that are hollowed out by fire. You can literally stand in the center, some with room for a bed and miraculously it is a living breathing tree. It speaks to the heros journey, the trials and sufferings that we endure. How many fires and scars mar our lives yet we still continue to grow and learn? They are also able to survive flooding by growing a new higher root system. Due to the shallow nature of these roots, the trees are vulnerable to high winds and can be toppled causing death. But do they really die? Once a tree has been knocked down or "died" the burls that grow on the exterior are stimulated, and a ring of daughter trees sprout up in a circle around the "mother" tree. Her root system continues to stimulate their growth, as they ascend towards the sky looking for the sun. This fact, makes these trees ancestral.  Most of the forest, has grown from its mother for generations. There is speculation, that if you trace the origin of certain trees, they will trace back to the age of dinosaurs. 

I lost my mother when I just a young girl. As I researched and learned about these trees, It was like nature telling me my own story. My mother "died" but is she ever really "gone?" Does her root system continue to offer support and growth to her daughter? And what about the grandmothers? It's the only way I can explain the miracles and protections that have shown up for me time and time again. I can literally be hollowed out feeling gutted by the shadows of life, but do I continue to grow, prosper and learn? Do I become better with age? Is my wisdom more viable as life adds a new ring to my trunk? Does that space created on the interior allow for new perceptions and learning to take up residency in my hollow bones? At dawn and dusk, if your in the right place, the soft filtered light of the sun, shoots like an arrow through the thick plumage from above and illuminates these hollow spaces. 
Inside a fallen hollowed tree.

Still living, this tree has been partially hollowed.

Grandfather Tree, Wanderlust!

If given the chance, I recommend a visit to this wonder of nature. There are so many life lessons on display in the sacred stillness of this forest floor. It's a meditation that takes you to the place where fairy tales are written. It's from this place, that my soul is in communion with nature, and I can "see" me! It was here that I offered the deepest level of gratitude for every fire, flood, and logging that entered my doors, where I invited them in as guests as guides from beyond! 

Heaven, is in every place that takes your breath away!

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