"Our real power is not derived from our positions in life, a hefty bank account, or an impressive career. Instead, it is the expression of that authenticity inside of us, our strength, integrity, and grace externalized. We don't realize that each of us has the power of the universe within us. We look around and we see others as powerful, we see nature as powerful, we can witness a seed turning into a flower or the sun crossing the sky every day. We even see life created in us, from us. Yet we see ourselves as disconnected from all of this power. God did not make nature powerful and man weak. Our power comes from the knowledge that we are unique, and from our understanding that we have the same innate power as all other creations. Our power lies deep within us. It is the power with which we were born. If it has been forgotten, it needs only to be recognized again." ~Elisabeth Kubler Ross~

This picture depicts this very concept of knowing your own power, and standing firmly in it. This precious little one, stated firmly that she wanted to be a "Bearpaller" (pallbearer) and with determination despite the status quo, jumped in and created a moment! In this crazy time, stop... slowdown, get quiet and remember the source that is deep within you.

Carpe Diem, seize the day, live consciously!

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