It's all about the rainbows

It's all about the rainbows. In life, we all find ourselves knee deep in storms at some point. Some are bigger and more destructive than others, but if you hang on long enough, the sun will cast a prism that will capture your heart and make you smile. Dark clouds roll in and instinctively we want to hunker down, some say where is the sun? If you have ever been in an airplane as its climbing through the air, there is a magical moment where you shoot above the clouds below, and realize that the sun has been there all along. 
"Speaking Your Truth volume 3" has been my rainbow. Sharing my stormy turbulent story, finding the courage to have it published and then watching it climb to the top of the best selling list, feels like a rainbow lit up my soul, and today I smile.  None of this could have happened without the mentoring of many, and the support of YOU! All of you who participated in our launch, made the publishing of this book a huge success.  Every chapter shows how each woman found the magical prism that cast a rainbow in her heart. It is my hope that all of you who read this book will find inspiration and courage, to do the same. 
Blessings to you all
Carpe Diem Live Consciously Seize the Day!

Press Release For Speaking Your Truth

Today is our official launch!! Get your copy today!! Read the press release to learn more about "Speaking Your Truth"

A Trifecta of delight. Speaking Your Truth!

We are now only 2 short days away from the launch of our book "Speaking Your Truth, Courageous stories from inspiring women." Watch this video to get a glimpse of what you will enjoy in this anthology. I am so thrilled to be an author, and share with you my story. I would love your support on tuesday as we launch volume 3.  This book will inspire you, make you laugh, and draw a tear. You will  find your own courage to move forward, to find light in the dark.

Blog post from Speaking Your Truth

As I lie in bed recovering from surgery, I traveled back in time and wiped the dust off of an old story buried deep inside. As I put words to my journey, “Holding hands in the cement,” came to life. When I heard that I would be published, I was overwhelmed at such an opportunity. Once I settled into the idea of being an author, reality sat next to me with a long cold stare. I knew that I would have to tell my father about my writing. It was with trepidation, that I traveled to my home town to spend time with my Dad. It was during my sharing, that his soul broke open, and what came from that changed everything. I shared with him my side of the story, and for the first time in 50 years, he told me his story. I felt like an eagle soaring high on the thermals looking down seeing the entire landscape, as a complete circle. Through his tearful sharing of regret, loss, hurt, and abuses, we were healing together in ways that I could have only dreamed of. “Holding hands in the cement,” has become much more than a story. It has come to life as a catalyst that has brought me to my knees, in the deepest of gratitude. It has been like a crowbar prying open the crevices of the past, allowing for the deepest healing to take place. My story is an avalanche rolling into our lives breaking down the walls one by one that have been protecting our hearts. Uncloaking the heart is vulnerable, and scary, but some of our greatest accomplishments in life come from trusting courage, and the unknown. “Though this universe I own I possess not a thing for I cannot know the unknown if to the known I cling.”

I would also like to honor my sweet husband, who reviewed my writing with new eyes, and assisted in the first editing process. His support and encouragement, helped bring this story to life, Thank you John.

I am honored to stand in a circle of amazing women who have all taken up courage and shared their stories. These books offer such inspiration and hope regardless of the struggle. It is my hope that by sharing my story, the reader will find strength to find their own gifts, and hope that every day brings a sense of wonder to the process of healing. Sharing this story has changed my life, added layers of healing to my past, and opened doors that continue to add adventure to my journey in this life.  

Visit the Speaking your Truth website to see this and other testimonials of contributing authors.

Petrichor, fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods


petrichor {PET-ri-kuhr} noun
The pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell.
[From petro {rock}, from Greek petros {stone} + ichor {the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology}. 

Petrichor, is woven into the fabric of my DNA. There is not a smell on this earth, that catapults me towards it more than petrichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods. 
When I was pregnant, it was not pickles and peanut butter, or ice cream with catsup that called for consumption, but this smell....I need a rock. A fresh rock from a field or garden would make its way to my mouth. The taste and smell took me into a realm of bliss that helped me forget about my host body, and the uncomfortable stretching and growing taking place in my womb. It was a basket full of rocks that was the centerpiece of my table. I was sure that I had gone mad. I announced this craving to my doctor and was very clear that I enjoyed it so much that I didn't want it fixed, just wanted to make sure it was safe for me and my unborn child. His explanation was something like "Ive heard of aboriginal and tribal women who have this craving, it's most likely a mineral deficiency. I wouldn't make a habit of eating dirt, but the licking of rocks is most likely fine."  I was proud to have a craving considered tribal and full of pure giddiness knowing that my rock licking and smelling was a craving that wouldn't hurt me. During a rain storm, I would throw my pregnant body on the wet ground, and breath. I would take in that smell as if it were the fuel charging my body until the next storm. Petrichor is the  fuel flowing through my veins, sustaining my sanity and comforting a craving so powerful! This craving did not ever go away. I have never met a rock I didn't love, or a rainstorm that has been ignored! I know its strange, but It has a name, and a freaking awesome description. 

Next time your are blessed with rain, go outside and breathe in to your body the beautiful smell that only comes when the moisture of heaven kisses the earth and releases a fragrance shared with the Gods. It's a blending and marriage of ingredients that can only be created in the natural lab of earth and her miracles. 

Carpe Diem, live consciously, seize the day!

"Our real power is not derived from our positions in life, a hefty bank account, or an impressive career. Instead, it is the expression of that authenticity inside of us, our strength, integrity, and grace externalized. We don't realize that each of us has the power of the universe within us. We look around and we see others as powerful, we see nature as powerful, we can witness a seed turning into a flower or the sun crossing the sky every day. We even see life created in us, from us. Yet we see ourselves as disconnected from all of this power. God did not make nature powerful and man weak. Our power comes from the knowledge that we are unique, and from our understanding that we have the same innate power as all other creations. Our power lies deep within us. It is the power with which we were born. If it has been forgotten, it needs only to be recognized again." ~Elisabeth Kubler Ross~

This picture depicts this very concept of knowing your own power, and standing firmly in it. This precious little one, stated firmly that she wanted to be a "Bearpaller" (pallbearer) and with determination despite the status quo, jumped in and created a moment! In this crazy time, stop... slowdown, get quiet and remember the source that is deep within you.

Carpe Diem, seize the day, live consciously!

Projection Selection

I was born with a spirit that called me to venture "off the beaten path." In kindergarten, my teacher, Mrs. Bankhead gave us a coloring assignment. I began "outside" of the lines, creating my own crayola masterpiece in the margins.  There was a rhythm to her monitoring. She would glance down at each child assessing their progress. I could see from the corner of my eye that she was getting close to me. With giddy anticipation, I waited for her to praise my blending of colors, and whimsical patterns all outside of the black line in the middle of the page. Would she find me creative and wonderful? A solid whack to my tiny knuckles with a pair of scissors, ripped me out of my wandering fantasy, and into her classroom. Her huge tangled beehive hairdo, came very close to my face and her bright red stained lips shouted, "NEVER COLOR OUTSIDE OF THE LINES!" Her old lady breath, penetrated my skin, and her words embedded into my soul, a frightening realization. "You must obey the rules." On this day, I thank Mrs. Bankehead.  The day I remembered this moment, was the day I shouted hallelujah!! I have spent a lifetime with the deepest desire to wander outside of the lines, and explore. What I realized, is that I was born with this fascination, as a child, i naturally ventured to the area outside of the line, I loved exploring those margins.  When I turned 40, I was finally able to understand that this was a tremendous gift worth honoring. I realized that my life up until then had been much like the collapse of the wave function theory. I was told that I had to "observe" a specific way of thinking, and behaving, which caused the "collapse."  The act of the observer, causes all other possibilities to fade away. I call this "projection selection." It is allowing others to project their beliefs and  ideas influencing your selection. By doing this, the infinite options available, tend to fade away.  So knowing that answers take seed in the question, I allowed my self to question outside of the box. Exploring those paths that may look or feel different. What would happen if???  What I realized, it that within my own unique soul, there are answers that are very custom made for me. The mystery of the exploration has allowed me to see the infinite possibilities. I have practiced observing or focusing in on the one or two choices, that will take seed that makes sense for me. I trust that my spirit's knowing decides to collapse the wave, when it is time.  As my journey takes me off the beaten path, I observe new truths, and the system can then evolve again.  I love to wander with the knowing that I am not lost, not at all!!!

Rudraksha the sacred forest

Rudraksha forest. Where the roots weave like candy ribbon snaking across the forest floor. Where bright blue berries fall from above like tears, rotting away the outer surface. Deep inside are the sacred seeds of the tree, reminding us of our own inner beauty and strength. Sitting in the hollows of the roots, with my bare feet on the ground, I can see me! All of the colors, rotting away the old, discovering the new. Im twisted and turned rooting my soul deep in my own knowing. I hold my breath when I see the beauty, heaven is in every place that takes your breath away!