"We are in a dream, when we die we wake up."

I had such a profound conversation with my 12 year old son Connor. We were talking about death and what it means to him, how does he feel about it? He said "We are in a dream, when we die we wake up." I was pierced by this statement and had to know more. "What does that mean Connor?" He told me that this earth life and body is a dream, we come here to do something great. He said that people who die young are called to wake up sooner, most of the time because they did their "great thing" earlier than the rest of us. He said that young children who wake up, are special and called back by God. He explained that young children who wake up, have a chance to come back to the dream to help others learn how to accomplish their great thing.  Those who live a long life, get to have more assistance doing their great thing, and some accomplish their great thing in their later years. He believes that when we wake up, it is a celebration. He said that it's ok to be sad when someone we love dies. The bigger picture is that they woke up because they achieved a great accomplishment, and they are someone for us to look up to. Knowing that helps when we are feeling sad. Those that woke up from the dream, are the eyes in the sky, the camera's in the sky. They can be with us, and we will know it because we will feel them. 

~Connor Martindale~

I find this thought process incredibly profound and beautifully said. It helps me to re-frame the dance between life and death in a mythic belief that touches the soul. 

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  1. Hi, Tresa! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. It's been wonderful meeting you along my journey. Your words have been powerful, uplifting and insightful. You have a beautiful family and a remarkable life. I wish you all the best!