Trigger Points of Change

"No one is immune to the cycles of balance and change. Regardless of how large our families are, how many friends we have, how many books we've written, or how successful we've become, we all have a trigger point that invites change into our lives. Interestingly, the trigger appears to be different for eveyone. While we may believe that we have neatly arranged life as something that we can regulate and control, all the while each experience and every relationship is training and preparing us for something that may be beyond our control.

"In doing so, we move ever closer to the moment when we'll be given the opportunity to demonstrate our mastery over our betrayals, violated trust, and hot-button issues. It's only after we've put our last spiritual tool in place to create the balance, however, that we signal our readiness. It is our balance that says, 'Hey! I'm ready. Bring it on!' Now we're ready to demonstrate to the universe what we've learned." Greg Braden.

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