If the retainer doesn't fit don't wear it!

It all happened over a weekend. That all to familiar sore on the roof of my mouth was acting up again. By sunday, It was clearly an infected wound. I went to the instacare for an antibiotic suspecting it may possibly be an abscess tooth. The very thought of it brought me to tears. I could not imagine any more invasive dental work. Monday morning at the crack of shcmack I went to the dentist, I was so relieved to know that my teeth were fine, but the retainer NOT!! Lesson... if the retainer doesn't fit don't wear it!! A new appliance has made a world of difference! I had that gut feeling from the beginning that something went wrong.  I had to assist in the process of removing the mold after the goop set up, it was stuck like a shoe in cement. The goop pulled away from the mold as well. I think it was a very slight discrepancy in the shaping of it, but the dentist said it is very sensitive. So I had the Ortho make a new retainer. And Im thrilled to say that it fits like a glove. Im not lisping as much either. Im so glad to have that resolved. My one year anniversary is this month. It's so crazy to be here on the other side.

When life seems to be overwhelming, walk a labyrinth. It will quiet your mind, and allow your soul to find peace in your journey. This labyrinth is in southern utah, constructed with red sandstone rocks, and a back drop of the most stunning mountains. My you all find that inner peace as you journey along your path of healing!!

Cheers to all..

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  1. i love it that you wouldn't take no for an answer and got even better results because of it, i just love that about you!