In Like a Lamb. My one year celebration!

Photo taken in the Parish of "Martindale" in the south of Scotland.

Sleeping lion found at the wild animal kingdom in SanDiego.

Today as the sun shines through my window casting a prism from the crystal ornament hanging there, I celebrate the LAMB. It's a gentle day of celebration and joy. WHY? Today is exactly One Year, since my double jaw surgery. It's amazing how the passage of time alone can change perspective.  One year ago today, I woke up in a hospital bed, my face felt like a solid brick of cement. Heavy, hard and no feeling.  One year ago on this day, upon awakening, I was met with a LION. A storm ahead so big and daunting like no other storm I would ever face. Fears were fierce, anxiety high. Eating from a syringe, only liquid for weeks. Everything tasted like a rubber hose. And the meds made me so sick. Although I was greeted with a LION, it was much like this sleeping lion that I photographed. I knew I could do it. I had to dig deep some days, but I was supported, encouraged, loved and hopeful. As I reflect on the past year, It has been one of healing, and recovery. Today I am whole. Today I am healed. Today I celebrate. 

My jaw is strait, my teeth lined up, I can eat, I have no pain. 100% of feeling has returned to my entire face. Considering my age, I honor this as a miracle. My jaw pain is gone, I can chew food in a way that I never knew or appreciated before. One year later, I am stronger than I knew, (and I thought I was strong before.) I am full of gratitude for the outreach from hundreds who prayed, lit candles, and held meditation on my behalf. This is the space where miracles take place. Thank YOU!! I also offer my deepest gratitude for friends and family, who tended to my recovery every minute of every day for weeks. You know who you are, and I celebrate every one of YOU!!  

Last year on this day was "in" like a LION. Today on this day is "in" like a LAMB. The truth is that both are beautiful, and both offer gifts. So regardless of LION or LAMB, I continually invite both to my table, to honor the teaching and learning that can only come through allowing. 


Thank you Rumi for the continued wisdom. On this day one year later, I am Illuminated, hopeful, grateful, and full of love from the center of my heart. 

Carpe Diem~Seize the day!


  1. Congratulations! Your post is inspiring to me! I'm on day 24 and sometimes it's hard to think past the present and into the future, and your success with everything is a good reminder!!


  2. YAY TRESA! how exciting to get to that 1 year mark. congratulations on everything you've accomplished. you have been such an inspiration throughout this whole journey, and i am so thankful to have you as a blogger friend :) xoxo