Have any of you had problems with your retainer?? Im wondering if something went wrong during the impression process/making of the retainer. It has never fit like a glove (so to speak) I had to have it sanded down 3 times on one side due to extreme pressure on the roof of my mouth. I thought I had it under control, until now.  I take it out to eat, and when I put it back in, it feels like Im putting someone else's retainer in my mouth. It hurts, and I have a new sore on the right side from the inconsistent pressure. my back teeth also ache from wearing it.  I have been trying to work with it, but may have to have a new one made. Thought I might ask. It seems like between all of us, some one usually has experienced something. Thank you, and blessings to all of you who are newly out of surgery, or about to embark on the journey.

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  1. I would definiatly say something went wrong with the molds:( Cause your retainer should fit like you said a glove. Def get it checked out :)