Happy Holidays from a real jaw breaker!!

What a busy few weeks. We spent our Thanksgiving holiday at the Hotel Del on Coronado Island this year. I have to say that it was one of my favorite holidays to date.  We were seated right next to the window with a full ocean view. I was so full of gratitude in that moment, realizing how blessed our life is.  Now, all I want for Christmas is a de-braced face... (not happening.)  My orthodontist thinks that it's close. The right side is not coming together the way it should.  This entire process of braces, jaw surgery and recovery, has taught this very impatient "quick start" (as my husband calls me) to take deep breaths when I think I can't stand it one more minute. I admit that there have been days when I feel like braces in my mouth will be a permanent condition. But just like being pregnant, the baby is always, born, and the braces always come off.  So I wait.....and  wait...... trying to avoid tangled broccoli, spinach and other foods to take up residency in the brackets and make their grand entrance with every smile. By the way, I am a "teller." If you are with me and you have food in your teeth or stuff hanging from your face, I will tell you. I "tell" because so many times, I have left a conversation, and looked in a mirror. Only to find in horror, a straggler wedged between my braces. I say just "Tell." It is  so much better that way!

I saw my Oral Surgeon yesterday. He is hilarious. He asked me to smile, and said "Beautiful teeth and smile!, who did that for you?" He is always so proud of his work.  Having a great surgeon is so critical. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Egbert. The universe aligned on my behalf and I can see that "Zoom whitening chair" in my very near future.

As December is coming to an end, I wish all of you a beautiful holiday season. And wish a new year full of abundance, joy and healing!!

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