Me 'n' my jaw on a journey!

Nearly a month has passed, and I feel as though I have lived a lifetime. John and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary in Kauai. Our friends from the UK joined us for the following 3 weeks as we journeyed from the island to San Diego and then on to our home town where we spent a week in the mountains where fall colors are just stunning. Kauai was just what the Dr. ordered. There is a rhythm to that island that can not be resisted. It's one of the few places where time slows down, and peace calms the nerves.  Along with stunning views, we explored the island by helicopter. Tears could not be held back as we entered the center of the island, the wettest place on earth. The sheer magnitude of the falls and the stunning beauty took my breath away. And then we explored the jungle on foot as we hiked Makalea falls. This was an adventure hike with an element of danger. Rock hopping through rivers, and negotiating our way through the bamboo forest, and entanglement of trees, proved to be a favorite! I felt like jungle Jane. Covered in mud, and mozzie bites, I have never been more content with an experience!

As for my jaw... I just saw the Ortho last week. He has taken me off all rubber bands for now. He is widening my lower jaw to get the right side to seat together better. It looks and feels close now. He asked me if Im so sick of the the braces. On one hand, YES of course. They impair my speech, and are uncomfortable. Who loves having a food trap attached to their mouth? And at my age..... but on the other hand, they are somewhat of a security. They hold my teeth together, and there is a tiny fear of things shifting once the vice grip is released.  I will celebrate my de-banding day and hope it is very soon!

Helicopter tour of the island. 

Stunning views! 

 Makalea falls hike.

 Bamboo forest. So beautiful.
Danny our guide, prepared this organic raw desert for us. We picked the berries 
along the way.

The entire landscape of the forest is lined with these flowers!

awapuhi kuahiwi or ginger flower. This is the flower that made Paul Mitchell a millionare.
this flower was used by the natives as a shampoo. When you squeeze the bulb, a fragrant shampoo like gel is released. we all washed our hair in the falls!

This is the sacred water spring. Considered the most pure water source. We filled our water bottles with this crystal clear water and this was the ending point of our hike.

These mountains are in my back yard. Fall is my favorite time of year. 

Always extra exciting when there is a moose sighting.  Cheers for now. Sending health and healing to all of my jaw surgery friends!!


  1. Anonymous12.10.11

    Happy Anniversary! You and your pictures are gorgeous! When do you expect to be de-braced?

    Check out my blog for my latest torture device...

    ** This is Tina btw... Blogger is being stupid today and won't let me post under my profile name.

  2. Hello to you Tresa. :)

    My name is Rosie. I stumbled upon your blog and am so enamored by your spirit and zest for life. It is refreshing and inspiring to see someone so full of light and love.

    I just started a blog of my own here, and I feel we share a great deal of views on life and all the beauty it has to offer. If you have a moment, I would love for you to take a look. Perhaps we could share each other's stories with our readers?

    I simply find you and your spirit so inspiring. Please write to me sometime, I would love to get to know one another.

    You can email me here:
    or find me on my blog page, "We are one."

    Much peace and love to you.