The Braced Faced Minister, officiates her first wedding. 3months 2 weeks and some change post OP

It's a wrap! I wrote and officiated my first wedding. This was never a part of the bigger vision I held for myself, but my brother needed help, and I rose to the occasion. I spent hours writing and perfecting a ceremony that would be perfect for the couple. They were married in the sweetest little park, surrounded by large wise old trees. Directly behind me no more than 5 feet, was a very large river, competing for attention. I was fortunate to have a microphone, which amplified my voice enough so the guests could hear the ceremony. It was a bit squeaky and scratchy as I passed it back and forth for the reading of the vows, but we made it through and It was just perfect. I read a little bit of Rumi, Hafiz, and recited an apache blessing. I also included insight about the meaning of circles from Black Elk, and discussed the 4 kinds of love with the greek interpretation. Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape. The sweetest part of the ceremony, was when my brothers 2 daughters from a previous marriage were able to participate in a ring ceremony with Melinda their new step mother. There was not a dry eye in the crowd, when she promised to love and honor them and love them as if they were her own. She gave them each a ring as a promise, and it was truly touching. The evening ended with a Unity Candle ceremony. 

I was concerned that my speech may be impaired with the braces, and tired facial muscles still working their way back to a healed state. Much to my surprise, I got through the entire reading without any trouble. In fact, the entire thing was unusually comfortable, I felt right at home in my minister role. I'm sure this was a once in a lifetime event. How incredibly awesome to add that to my list of wonderful and inspiring moments in this lifetime! One guest, surprised that I was the minister approached me and said in his small town accent, "I didn't know you was a minista.." I said.. "Well I is now!" (funny how my grammar check is going crazy with this sentence! Haa) 

Ring ceremony with the girls...

This little friend sat on the grass behind me and then left after the ceremony. Can anyone identify it's species? It has beautiful markings.

A nice back drop she had bright colors!! So pretty.

The Braced Faced Minister!!  Can't really see the braces in this photo! Gotta love the clear brackets..

 Carpe Diem.. Live Consciously.. Seize the day!!


  1. Anonymous11.8.11

    Tresa! You are beautiful! I want to get remarried just so you can officiate my wedding. I bet you were amazing!

    Carolyn M

  2. Tresa,

    You look OUTSTANDING! I'm glad that everything seems to be going awesome for you.

    Have a great weekend. :-)

  3. Thank you carolyn and Cece.. A magical moment.