Finding the diamond in the rough 10 weeks Post Op

"Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your backyard, if you but dig for them." Russell H. Conwell
My entire surgery and recovery has been a diamond in the rough, found through digging and surviving!
Celebrating 10 weeks post Op on Independence day!!

The Diamonds are found in the rough, the most unsuspecting places. For years and years, It has been our 4th of July tradition, to flee to our local mountains, where there is a breakfast and parade, that has been preserved in the nostalgia of "the olden days."  Anyone can participate, and for a small fee you can feed the family bisquick right from the griddle under the tent in the parking lot. Our family traveled from Ohio for their summer vacation.  The house was pulsing with the energy of cousins reuniting and excitement of getting up early to time travel backwards in time. John decided that he would take the kids in the convertible mustang, armed with candy to throw and flags to wave. 

en route, they had so much fun throwing candy to all of the parade watchers. This kind of old fashioned fun is off the richter scale..

Two moms capturing the event on cameras. All of my batteries died prematurely, I missed getting a picture of the bull Moose we saw on our way down the canyon.

This little grandpa wins the prize for best parade entry. He stuffed himself in this vintage fire-truck with a grandchild as his passenger. So darling I just smiled out loud..

Miss Sydnie enjoying her parade time. 
I realize that this post isn't anything at all to do with my jaw surgery, except to say that my recovery has included the solace found in my own back yard. The lushiness of these rocky mountains has provided such a diamond of beauty that is so refreshing. Thanks to our extended family for a fabulous visit! So happy that my recovery is far enough along to enjoy such memories! 
 A happy independence day celebration. No fire works or stadium events, just good ol fashioned fun with  family, and a parade that is so fantastic I feel lucky to have enjoyed it for so many years! 

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  1. 10 weeks! How wonderful :) I can't believe it's been that long already. Congratulations on yet another milestone :)