"She's still talking about her teeth?!" My birthday goddesses...

Im 42 years old as of yesterday! I had a very eventful 41st year, and feel like this year that awaits me will be loaded with progress and growth. I anticipate new milestones and opportunities that are waiting to be discovered. I always take a moment to honor and remember my Mother on my birthday. I know that 42 years ago, she was in the hospital bed watching Neal Armstrong land on the moon, as she was delivering her first born child. I know that I was wanted and loved, and that my Birthday was celebrated by her. Every year until I was 8 years old (year she died) she baked from scratch, a 3 tier chocolate cake, with the old sugar letters and candles. She did this for all 5 of her babies every single year. So on this day July 21, every year I thank my mother for my birthday!
This Is my dear friend Lisa M. who is from Boston. She is a die hard Red Sox fan, and loves the Patriots. She is the only woman I know that can smack down any man regarding sports statistics and commentary. She is an awesome neighbor, and had the girls and I over for coffee and home made blue berry cake. She woke up at the crack of shmack to bake this delightful yumminess! First time in years someone has baked for me! She has also been a devoted follower of my blog. (thanks lisa) She was reading it the other day and her husband said "what are you doing?" She said "Reading Tresa's blog" his reply "IS SHE STILL WRITING ABOUT HER TEETH?!" I peed my pants laughing so hard, tears streaming down my face. Ohh Joe... Yes I'm still writing about my teeth. I know it's been 3 months, but the blogging has become addicting, (Im also a woman, with a lot to say)  and may transition away from the mouth at some point. I thank all of you who still read my blog, I just find it so satisfying to write!! Thanks LISA M... you are a treasured friend, my only wish is that everyone is lucky enough to have someone like you in their life...

And Miss Sharon, my dear sweet one, thank you for celebrating with me! I just adore you. You woke up to take care of me night after night as I recovered, making sure I had my meds, and was comfortable. To you, I owe my deepest love!!

I adore you Valli, You bring laughter and passion to all who know you! Your gifts are endless and I am so lucky to have you in my life!!

Becca and lady DI, goddesses of light and love. Thank you for sitting by my bedside for countless days offering healing in your own special ways. I love you to the moon and back!

The gang at the DODO restaurant, Jill in the hat, you are a pillar and a true friend. To all of my soul sisters and my darling daughter, thank you for planning such a great day!

BaDu Mamma...all the way from Arizona, so lucky to know you and love you! Thank you for your daily support and powerful medicine that helped me heal!! I love you!!

And the heavens gave me this most stunning gift. To all of those who came before me, I honor you all and only hope to leave the next generation better than the last! What a great year I leave behind, and welcome the re-birthing of my 42nd year ahead!! 

Side note, I saw my OS the morning of my birthday, he gave me 2 thumbs up. When I told him that most of the numbness is gone, he said "thats because you came to the best" he said "when you hire a good painter, you get a good paint job." I do offer credit to his marvelous skill and talent, but must not forget that I have had hundreds of powerful people who have prayed, lit candles, held space, all for my recovery and healing. I say that I would not have wanted one without the other. To all of you who have read my blog, offered a prayer, or held space for healing in whatever tradition rings true to your soul... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You all have helped my recovery become such a success story. I honor you all and send my deepest gratitude and love!! 


  1. I love that you are still posting :) I read every single one of them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful. You look absolutely fabulous for being 42! :)

  2. Tresa,

    You make 42 look outstanding!! Go get 'em, girl! Happy Belated, and many more to you.

  3. Happy Birthday. What an ordeal. I read this post and your first post but will be back to read more when I have time. I need to get ready to head out to my mom's house, which is also my dad's house, but no one calls it that! I'm so sorry you lost your mom so young, but what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday by honoring her. I am so blessed to be in my 40's and still have a mother and a wonderful one at that. Hearing (reading) the stories of others today, two different people, who lost mothers, it makes me feel for them.

    If you would like to check out my blog, feel free. I wrote about mothers recently. http://helpingronald.blogspot.com/2011/07/mother.html

  4. Happy Birthday, Tresa! I wanna be like you when I grow up! :P

  5. I still read every single post! Your words are inspiring...keep them coming!

  6. 42??? you look simply radiant! very happy and healthy! happy birthday tresa!