Sassy high heel shoe sprint, American Idol, "I see You" 10 weeks 4 days Post Op

"You look exactly the same!" To that I say "Thank you" but inside know that I look different! (Ive been looking at this grill for 41 years, I see the changes!) I know that my underbite/crossbite was not a major esthetic problem from the beginning. That is why I waited 41 years to undergo such a massive jaw/face breaking process. I was able to "get by." It was only when basic function of the jaw met major pain and deterioration of the joint, that I decided to intervene and salvage my later years in life. (I will NEVER be an "Ensure" girl) My sister in law became my biggest fan when she said "I totally notice a difference!" "You look so much better!" Thank you Michele for taking the time to not only notice, but to say so. There is a major phycological hurdle of this surgery that has to be jumped. It's not even so much about the fact that your face has been tweaked and looks (in my case slightly) different, but that those who know you and acknowledge that difference are really acknowledging that you have survived a MAJOR surgery and process.  At my stage of 10 weeks post op,  I look totally normal. But underneath the soft tissue of my face, are bones and nerves that are still recovering and firing all day long. The healing process is still in full swing, and when someone like my sis-in-law is so kind to notice, it's like she is acknowledging my process and saying, "I see you!" It's that deeper level of support that feels so good to have. Thanks Michele and all of my besties that not only say "I see you" but mean it! It's that level of support that has carried me through!

This is an old photo from May right around my 3 week mark. This photo represents a weekly ritual during American Idol season. We record all episodes and then pile in bed and fast forward through the commercials. We had to move my medical recovery tray from the middle of the bed so that every one could pile in. Connor and Sydnie were much more invested in this season more than previous years. I imagine it's their age "growing up." From the first episodes, Sydnie chose Lauren to be her favorite, with  Hailey in second. Connor loved James (who didn't) and Casey. We decided to surprise them with concert tickets. The event center was a logistical nightmare. Getting in and "Out" was quite a fiasco.  The concert it's self was fantastic, and the kids loved every minute of it. They wanted so badly to go back stage to meet their favorites. But it was not meant to be. We got in our car and lined up to leave out the back exit of the car park and sat there idling for what seemed like ages. Finally the flow of traffic picked up and we were actually able to move. We  passed a crowd of fans packed behind caution tape and metal barricades waiting for the Idols to emerge and sign an autograph. The sprinkling system was on full blast soaking everyone in it's path at every turn. The fans didn't move. Their spots were far to important to move for sprinkler water. My kids countenance fell when they saw a missed opportunity. John however, is the master at getting autographs, and gave us mere seconds to hop out of the slow moving car and join the crazy fans. He found a place to pull over just in the nick of time. 
These are the shoes I had on when I jumped onto broken pavement. My Sam Edelman designer shoes now running after 2 small children, over water soaked grassy knolls, and broken cement as if on an obstacle course. (Operation Idol!)  These shoes aren't made for running... We secured a spot at the end of the roped off area, pens in hand and me operating the camera. The kids were out of their minds with excitement. Slowly one by one, the Idols emerged signing autographs and posing for photos. We were lucky as this was the FIRST stop on the tour, so the Idols must have been equally excited as the fans to have their moment of fame. Below are all of the photos we took and you will see the sheer joy on the faces of my kids. My shoes survived "operation Idol" they may have a small ding or two, but dings worth the smiles and moment of joy and pure "living in the moment" that my kids experienced. 

This was the "Money Shot" look at Sydnie's smile. She wanted nothing more than to meet Lauren Alaina.  I had to get aggressive. She had big security guards around her, and they were ready to take her away. I broke through the roped off area, ran like was in tennis shoes, to a body guard in a yellow shirt. I almost fell into him as I tried to slow down my high heel sprint. I said "Sir, my little 8 year old wants nothing more than an autograph and photo with Lauren, I need you to make that happen will you please help me."(truth... Im an old pro. John has sent me out time and again to get autographs for him on his vintage sports illustrated covers, from golf, football, and baseball)  He turned around grabbed Lauren away from the pawing fans and said "Lauren, you are needed over here." He handed her over to my little Sydnie, who said "Lauren, you are a great singer and I really loved your concert tonight it was my very first one." She signed her photo and then stopped to allow a photograph. This made her so happy she almost couldn't stand it. 

I would have never guessed, as I lay in my bed watching recorded Idol episodes. Swollen face recovering from jaw surgery, that just weeks later, I would be sprinting through grass and sprinklers to help my kids meet their favorite idols, and watch their concert. Seriously, its crazy. Time is circular not linear and when we see it that way, anything is possible!!


  1. This post gave me goosebumps! I am so happy for your two little ones, and you are such a great mommy to run after security guards for your kids! I love all of the pictures you were able to get. and oh my gosh I LOVEEE your shoes! Not only are you a fantastic mom you are a stylish one too :)

  2. Ooooo, that is so awesome your kids were able to meet the idols!

    I also know what you mean about people acknowledging your surgery. I get one of two reactions from people. Either, "Oh, you look exactly the same!" Or it is the dreaded, "Oh, you look so different" and then total silence. The second reaction irks me! Lol.

    P.S. I agree with Dani, cute shoes!