Nice Gnashers, You don't ride a horse wearing flip flops! 11 weeks 5 days post op

Nice Gnashers!!

"When you come to the edge of the light you have known and take the first step into the darkness of uncertainty, you have to believe that one of two things will happen. You will find something solid there to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly." Paul Overton
This surgery with its months of recovering coupled with the uncertainty of what to expect requires the belief that you will either learn to fly as the ground has fallen away, or you will find a different way on a new solid surface. 

I saw my Orthodontist today. The left side of my teeth are all joined up nicely like a perfectly put together puzzle. The right side however, needs help. My upper arch was over-widened and now needs to be moved back in so that the bottom and top teeth touch. I have a canine tooth on the right side with a mind of its own. The Ortho replaced the bracket and changed its position to rotate it into a different position. My son Connor came with me, he also had a quick check up to fix his retainer. I should mention that he was born with my same cross/underbite, (genetic gift) the beauty for him, is that the ortho was able to correct it with a palate expander and 4 brackets, it took 9 months, virtually pain free. Connor could tell I was in distress when the Ortho began breaking the bracket off my tooth (i chose porcelain, they don't pop off they have to be shattered off.) He rushed over to hold my hand as I have done for him so many times. It hurt, and gave me a glimpse into the future of that day when he takes them all off (ouch!)   He thinks I will be done with braces in 3 to 4 months. The advancement of my upper jaw has brought the braces and teeth closer to my lips. I feel like I don't speak as clearly or have a slight lisp and I can't whistle. I used to be a great whistler but not anymore. 

My little Sydnie has had a fascination with horses and has been asking for a pony on her birthday.  I could no sooner own a horse than an elephant. Lucky for us, my greatest friend Monica has 2. She offered to have sydnie come to the stables to ride this mini horse "Thunder." Sydnie  dragged her pink cowgirl boots from the closet, and woke up early with excitement and anticipation to learn all about what it requires to ride a horse. This is a photo of her cleaning Thunders feet before riding. She has no fear (unlike her mother) and had a magical day at the stables. 

This is Monica mentoring sydnie on her Big horse Biscut. She showed no fear even up high on this gentle giant. She made her way around the arena on both horses and went to bed dreaming of rodeos and barrel racing, 4-H clubs and ponies... 

Monica, insisted I climb on Biscut for a ride. I had a bad experience as a young child and have never again had a desire to sit on the back of such a big strong animal. I showed up at the stables prepared to go shopping not riding. I wore flip flop shoes, and was looked at by the riders at the stables as some sort of freakish misfit. Monica is always prepared and brought me  a sassy pair of riding boots, and informed me that open toe shoes and horses, are not a good match. (Not if your feet mean anything to you.) So for me lesson 1, when in Rome, dress like the romans! Cover up yer feet you daft girl!! Once outfitted in cowgirl boots, I rode this giant around the arena. It was actually fun, but once he trotted, I felt like a human jack hammer. I later learned that there is an art to riding the rhythm of the horse. I don't know if this is the art i will want to add to my repertoire, but a fun day none the less. Thank you Monica, for allowing Sydnies dreams of riding ponies, become a reality. I love how children effortlessly manifest their desires. 


  1. haha! this story is priceless. i'm just like your little girl in that i've been a horse fanatic since i was very young. and even though i'm a city girl, i ended up majoring in animal sciences (which entails a LOT of agriculture) and have taken as many horse-related classes as i can in order to be around the animals. i'm working my way toward being an equine therapist and, in learning about the relationship between woman and horse, i came across this article that you might find interesting:
    you're lucky your friend had an extra pair of boots! horse hooves will do some serious damage, trust me!

  2. 3-4 months left in braces? That's great! Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous19.7.11

    I love that Sydnie is so anxious to learn and happy to get out on the ponies! This is a great introduction to horses, and could just plant the seed for a lifelong love of riding. If so, hold on to your checkbook, mama! Congrats to you for conquering a fear -- it's a big deal just to mount up, and I'm glad Mr. Biscuit took good care of you both :) Monica