Gorillas are great mothers....

I saw my original surgeon Dr. L for the first time since surgery. Many postings ago I described in detail the events that surrounded my surgery and last minute changes/miracles that took place. I was anxious to have him see my new bite, hoping he would approve of the results. Without a full on examination in a public place, he offered his smile of approval, and said it was just what he imagined it would be. He said my Dr. did a great job, and was thrilled with the results. He also mentioned that I should be very patient with the small details of healing. He said it can take up to a full year to really recover totally from this process. I had been told all along to expect more permanent numbness. I am considered "OLD" to be doing this kind of surgery. I'm proud to say that I truly believe I will have 100% feeling return. The total surface of my face has feeling, and around 90% deeper tissue has returned. I have been taking vitamins  B-12 every day since about the 2 week post op date. I've been to a chiropractor several times who specializes in nerve memory and repair, I have been graced with a tremendous amount of prayers on my behalf, and of course I have a fantastic Dr. who minimized the nerve damage with smaller incisions, and only an hour and 20 min surgery for both the upper and lower jaw. Im really starting to notice a tightness around my nose, Im not sure if it is scar tissue from the Altar stitch or the plates and screws screaming to be noticed? It's not painful just a noticing that wasn't there before. 

On another note, I have mixed feelings about Zoos. On one hand it makes me sad to see these animals in a captive environment, are they really happy? But on the other hand, it is a protected space for those animals who are hurt or injured and would not survive on their own, it also provides an education for us humans hopefully fostering compassion and learning about them. I was incredibly touched when I recently visited the wild animal park, and saw this mother gorilla with her brand new baby. She kissed and hugged this little one, offering protection and nurturing. It was incredible to see, and demonstrated the true emotion and sense of family that exists in the animal kingdom. It was the highlight of my day. To all of you mothers out there, God bless...


  1. Hi Tersa!
    You are just a breath of fresh air! I really love your abundant approach to life!! Your post are so informative - thank you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I second Brent's post! I love reading your blog!