Braced Faced Nuptials.. Say What??!!!

As I wrap up a family holiday, my attention shifts to the upcoming nuptials of my brother. I got my ministers license on-line, and will be officiating his wedding. I am thrilled, and overjoyed at the opportunity. My one and only concern is prolonged speaking. I notice that when I read out loud, my facial muscles tire, and my lips tangle in the brackets causing a ruckus of communication. There is no chance that the braces will be off in time, so I will need to figure out how to get through this without lisping and tangling words. (do any of my jaw surgery friends have this issue?) The advancement of my upper jaw by 6mm, has put my teeth noticeably closer to my lips, I could wax up the brackets and look like a football player wearing a mouth guard, or just tough it out and pray for ease in speaking. I for-see myself practicing in front of a mirror. Wish me luck. If you would have told me that one day I would perform a wedding ceremony, I would have called you crazy. According to my credentials, I am not only authorized to perform weddings, but can perform baptisms and forgive sins. So friends, schedule your appointments, I will be offering redemptions in a town near you! I did check with the county clerk to verify that my credentials are official and recognized as legal. Can you imagine performing a wedding only to realize that it was faux... Whew we are good to go!! Im sure I will have a lengthy post after its all over so stay tuned for the braced faced nuptials.

CARPE consciously seize the day!!

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  1. Ooooo, when is the wedding? That's awesome you get to officiate the nuptiuals. You just keep getting cooler, girl!