Bent archwire and other musings...9 weeks 5 days post OP

I saw the orthodontist wed. He needs to move my upper arch on the right side in because it sits on the outside of the bottom teeth. He adjusted the arch wire and I hope that I see progress in the next 2 weeks. 
The braces start to get old by now and feel like a permanent fixture. My face feels more swollen this week, Im wondering if the hot temperatures here in the Utah desert are making me puffy. I could feel the bounce in my cheeks as I walked down the stairs leaving the ortho's office. I feel like the healing now is very gradual. My Ortho asked about my numbness and seemed impressed when I told him that im at about 80% back to total feeling everywhere. There is a spot on my tongue that is numb, and I can't feel my upper gums at all, but I can live with that. Im just so glad to have such great progress in the soft tissue on my face. The muscle in the lower lip/chin  is still kind of tight, so speaking for to long takes it's toll. My life has kicked into full gear, and finding time for a nap is few and far between. I have mini silent tantrums from time to time.  I look totally better, from the outside there is no evidence that anything was ever wrong. The family tends to forget that my energy still lacks, and that I have moments of discomfort. But put into perspective, that is a good problem to have. Eating is getting better, but because my bite is off on the right side, im still favoring the softer foods. I just crave a salad piled high with raw veggies.
What a test of patience and surrender. 

Johns brother, his wife and kids are traveling from Ohio to spend the 4th of July holiday with us. My kids are so excited to see their cousins, they can hardly contain themselves. We look forward to pool, time, BBQ, and lazy days. I have come to adore my blogging time. This has been by far the most cathartic thing I have ever done for myself. I thank all of you who stop by to check in. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. I think for Christmas, I will have my blog made into a book. 
Until next posting, Cheers to you all!! Cyber hugs!

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  1. :) Glad you are planning to continue blogging. I love stopping by and reading how you're doing and what else is going on in your life.