Swimming in the snow and Butterflies that transform post op 7 weeks and 3 days

Well the power chain on my top teeth seem to be working out this time. My bite is staying in place thanks to the "Sea Otter" rubber band holding it nice and tight. The spaces are closing in making way for a new arch wire to lessen the width of the top arch. I assume that having all molars touching will make the chewing a bit easier.  
Summertime is upon us and the children are out of school. I took my kids swimming at our Condo in the mountains. Across the street is this favorite spot where the forest is magical and the river is full as the snow melts. It was an awesome summer day to  sit pool side with 80 degree weather and a view of the ski slopes still boasting snow.  The kids had a great time. The only problem that I have now as a post surgical jaw patient is the difficulty chewing. Ordering food on the road can be a problem. Oh how I crave a salad.... I tend to order several "sides" and create my own meal.  

The children delighting in a fun summer day swim. 

I have tried to photograph a butterfly, but they always take flight just as I zoom in. This little one however, was posing for me. I was able to get so close and it opened its wings and sat there forever. Looking closer though I wonder if its actually a very beautiful moth?  Either way It was an exciting moment and a lovely little winged one.  This jaw surgery is very similar to the journey of a butterfly. You go into a cocoon looking one way (caterpillar) and then totally liquify and the DNA actually changes so that when your dark journey inside the cocoon is over and its time to emerge,  you may wonder what you will look like when you break free. Will you be a beautiful butterfly or a moth?  You go in one way, and come out looking totally different. Will you like it? Will you be able to fly, soar, survive?  I have certainly emerged as a butterfly still getting used to my new wings but adapting every day that I see progress. This process for me has been so much more than physical and I honor all of the deep reflection and isight that could have come no other way. A caterpillar spends its life seeing the world from the ground inching along at a slow pace, always in danger of the next sole of a shoe running around. Once transformed, a Butterfly spends its life above, looking down, seeing a bigger picture and able to get from here to there very quickly. I try to hold the vision of the butterfly that can see a larger view and appreciate every moment that offers transformation. 

Finally I think im on track to get ALL feeling back in my face. It is still very difficult to speak for a long time, but I can feel the skin on my face when I touch it. Especially in the chin. I have high hopes. If I were a public speaker, I would still be on sick leave, but Im not I take care of my kids all day  but actually as I say that I probably have to speak more to them, sick leave in this house is over!! Haa.  It's funny as I reflected with my friend today. I look fine, totally normal actually. Don't misunderstand, this is fantastic! In the world of "Jaw Surgery" Im considered and old woman, So to be looking normal at 7 weeks is awesome, the only downside is that people (mostly children)  don't understand that there is still a lot of healing taking place and sometimes i just have to go slower than normal. Yes I still need a nap! Old people need sleep..


  1. You look amazing Tresa! Can I ask what state you live in? Assuming CO or UT, loving the picture by the pool!

  2. Ah, I totally agree with you, Tresa! Although I am looking more normal each day, I get so tired from talking too much. Sometimes I will be in a group of people and I will be really quiet while everyone is talking and whooping it up. They ask me what is wrong. Nothing is wrong...I am just sooooo sick of moving my mouth! Ha!

    You seem like such a patient and content person. Your postings are always filled with such beautiful and inspiring words, amazing pictures, and tales of a wonderful family and life. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. I am so glad this journey has been so positive for you. You deserve it! :-)