Popcorn, ancestral home, and random buffalo on my first roadtrip post OP.

Popcorn... my new love. I got the organic kind at whole foods. Considering that corn is one of the largest GMO crops grown in the country, I wanted to go for the real stuff. I still can't chew, but the popcorn provides texture (missing now for 6 weeks) but will still melt in my mouth without any chewing required. Plus the saltiness is for some reason a dream right now.  I took my kids back to my home town of Hyrum Utah.  This little cabin was my  great grandfathers. The town is creating a small historic park and this cabin is one of the featured structures. My Dad said that they raised 11 children in this small space. Unbelievable.  The weather has been chilly and I will say that it is really bothersome. Cold chills accentuate the nerve pain in my face, and it's just not nice. Aside from that, traveling with the kids has been a lot of fun. My energy has been great and we have had fun exploring my small country town. here are photos of what we found along the way.
Buffalo roaming in random residential pastures..

My kids exploring an ancestral cabin that held 11 children. They reflected on the difference in their lifestyle.

Sydnie in my Dad's art studio learning how to oil paint from her Grandfather.

Learning how to shadow and texture.

Antelope island, near our home.

Connor working on his masterpiece.

There are still country roads and lots of cow pastures in the farm town I was raised in. I fled to the city the minute I graduated. I now return for visits, but admit that I long for the peaceful quiet country air. The stars are amazing.

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