License to chew, weak cheeks.. 6 weeks and 4 days Post OP

I met with my surgeon today for my 6 week check. He seemed pleased with my bite. My teeth move fast, so the bite had already gone back to normal after my adjustment at the orthodontist yesterday. 
When I was doing my field research to determine if this surgery was a good idea for me, I had an interesting conversation with a dentist Dr. Hopper. He said that one thing most centurions (people who live to be 100) have in common is their "original" teeth. He explained in detail how digestion starts in the mouth and effects the entire system. If the jaw or teeth are compromised, digestion, jaw function and other health issues, can age a person significantly.  He felt like this surgery would be a great idea for me, but I found his comments so interesting. I really stepped up my oral care after that conversation over 2 years ago.  Today my surgeon officially turned me over to my orthodontist and gave me full license to start chewing. It is amazing how difficult this simple task is. He said the muscles are very weak and need to be strengthened.  It made me wonder if people wearing dentures have the same problem. Sure enough they go through a period of learning to talk, chew and eat all over again. This took me back to my conversation with Dr. Hopper, who said that people who loose their teeth young and move into dentures age significantly. They are never able to chew to the same level as those with their original teeth.  I find this very insightful and intend to be a 100 year old woman with a rocking bite, and buried with my original teeth! I know that this surgery will improve my quality of life going forward and feel like the adjustments will all be worth it. "THANK YOU DR.'S EGBERT AND JACKSON!" I did chew a pancake tonight, but I don't know if it really counts as "chewing,"  (they do kind of melt in your mouth.) So, I will slowly start integrating into the chewing abled people, and start socializing on a whole new level. My benchmark is still the "THICK LAURIES BUFFALO GOURMET" tortilla chip. Once I can crunch into that, I will consider myself recovered! 


  1. Congrats! That is such exciting news! I have gained so much weight back this week now that I can chew soft foods! Hee hee!

    Oh, by the way...I come from a family with many female centurions. My great grandma is the only one I knew well and was close with and her teeth her not her own! Ha ha! ;-)

  2. a pancake is a start :) and I agree with you on the tortilla chip measure, I cannot wait until I can crunch into a tortilla chip + guac ! I wonder how long it will take to get to that point... 3-4 months?