Inviting the devil to the table, 2 months 1 day post Op

Im finding it interesting to compare the before and after photos. In searching for "before" photos, I realized that there are not tons to choose from. Why? Well, Im the family photographer, I have 23,000 photos on my computer and only a small fraction of those are of me. One more reason to give thanks to this blog. If I die now, at least there will be photos (although 90% of them are not at all attractive, swollen face and lips haa) Oh well. This picture below is with my bestie Becca. We were in Vegas just a couple of weeks before my surgery heading off to a Celine Dion  concert! I really notice that my jaw is "off-set" in this one. And I know that it's not bad. Just amazing to see the change. It's probably more dramatic for me because I've looked at this mug in the mirror for 41 years, so yes, it is a big change to get used to! 

This is my little sister Tami. She drove from Idaho to Utah today to attend the funeral service for my cousin tomorrow. We went to the visitation tonight and visited with the family. It's a sad day to loose our cousin. Her mother is my mothers sister. She was the closest thing to our Mom that we knew. There are many fond memories of our sweet Shauna, she will be deeply missed. 

My sister brought her 2 oldest children, and I had mine. They were starving, my Connor even considered eating raw vegetables to soothe the ache in his tummy. That's when I knew for sure that he was not kidding. You can imagine the joyous sounds in the car when the kids spotted an IHOP, with a Krispy Kreme next door, and a solid red light meaning free donuts. They thought they won the Vegas jackpot. Not my most favorite dining, but seriously they must have the best menu for a post surgical jaw patient who is re-learning how to chew food. The menu is full of soft textured items. Eggs, crepes, pancakes, omelets.... 
I don't eat sweets, actually I try to stay away from sugar, or anything that turns to sugar quickly like white starchy foods. Why? Major contributor to my battle with migraines. I learned that If I watch the sugar intake, along with other remedies, I can keep them at bay. There is nothing like food deprivation to make a girl crave some SUGAR! All I could think about at IHOP was my free doughnut at krispy kreme. They closed all of the stores within 20 miles of our house, and so this was killing me to be yards away from the factory. A hot glazed Donut hot off the press, "move on over people, there is a food deprived crazy woman coming on in!" I felt like I was running in slow motion to the front counter, I didn't knock over any small children as I made my way to my free Donut Whew! I was in such a crazy daze, I told the kids to order a dozen. They were beside themselves, the thought of 12 sugar coated, maple glazed, cinnamon dusted, candy sprinkled, stuffed with filling Donuts I thought their heads would spin off.  I couldn't get the warm glazed fluffy puff of delight into my mouth fast enough. Ahh, It just melted in my mouth, "Oh lover, where have you been?" It's a gift that I can't chew fast, it forced me to enjoy every single bite. As I was licking my lips, and noticing the glaze flakes stuck to my semi-numb chin, my sister threw salt into an open wound, she scratched the record, put a knife to the heart...."Um do you know how many calories are in one of those donuts? " I sheepishly said "no (head down no eye contact) It was as if she blurted it out in a holy church service, turning heads in our direction, invited the very devil to our table.... "550 calories in one!"  For a split second, I felt a rush of blood to the head, (or perhaps sugar) I just ate more calories and sugar content in that one donut than my meal at IHOP.  Almost as quickly as grief struck and the devil was looking me in the eyes, I swiped the last bit of glaze from my chin, licked it off my finger, and offered the devil a selection from my dozen. I didn't let the offending numbers overtake the pure joy I had for that one moment. In fact, In honor of my cousin, whenever or wherever I may be, If there is a Krispy Kreme with the solid red light on, I will run in slow motion towards the counter to claim my free indulgence and remember that in a day full of sadness, there is also extreme joy and goodness!! 

Medicine for a heavy heart,  "just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down"

Ohh and a shout out to Lisa McElaney. Hello your Dunkin Donuts coffee would have tipped the scale. 

P.S. how do you spell Doughnuts/ Donuts? I kind of did both. : )


  1. Ooooo, that donut sounds delicious! Funny because at work this morning, I walked through the cafeteria to get some coffee and spotted a white frosted sprinkle donut and for a second, tried to reason with myself on why I should get it. WHAT!? That is soooo not like me. I kept walking! Hee hee!

    You really do look just like you did before only minus the underbite. Before you were beautiful obviously but I could see the underbite being a distraction. Now I see your pics and see your eyes!! Stunning! You obviously take great care of yourself.

  2. Great post and a belated congratulations on your two month mark! You look absolutely wonderful and it looks like you've healed very well up to this point. I can't wait see what it's like for me after I've been through all you have. My condolences and sympathies about your cousin, she sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I'll be sending good thoughts to you and your family.

    And in answer to the dougnut/donut question it's doughnut, but I don't think anyone is going to call you out on it. After all, Dunkin' spells it "wrong" and we just go along with it lol :)