Sitting on the beach reflecting.. Love my life 8 weeks 6 days post OP

Im on my first trip away from home since surgery. In Sandiego my second home. I originally had planned to have my surgery here and recover. Im glad things worked out the way they did. Im sitting at Solana Beach, with no kids and John is in a client meeting. It's just me, my computer and the ocean.  I have had such a busy week it's nice to decompress and reflect about everything that took place over the last several days. I've been going on fumes and can feel it. It's easy to forget that in many ways my body is still healing and recovering.  Tuesday and Wednesday, we participated in the memorial services for my  sweet cousin. What a beautiful 2 days of reflection. She lived such an active and beautiful life as she survived cancer every day for 8 years. It puts into perspective the level of joy we can muster despite physical challenges. I admire her courage to live!  This is a photo of Connor and I.

Connor and Sydnie take classes at an art institute and they had a booth at the Utah Arts Festival, ranked 11th in the nation. The three of us volunteered at the kids art park and assisted little children in making pin wheels. It was a great opportunity for my kids to offer community service and feel the joy of making others so happy. They truly enjoyed this experience, Im so glad I was able to have the energy to make it all happen. My sister came from Idaho with 2 of her 7 children to attend memorial services and spend the day at the arts festival. This mini cooper car was totally crotched so awesome.

Syd kissing a paper mache dragon

My little cuties and I in our booth. I love this photo so much!! Pure joy and fun. Im so lucky!!

Miss Sydnie running the pinwheel project. So many colors and fun.

EYE SEE YOU. I love that my reflection is in his glasses. Connor is such a cool customer with his mirrored aviator sunglasses. Love this kid.

Earth ball. I will make one for our trees outside. Fantastic!!

At the graffiti park, a true art form in my opinion as long as its not on my fence or house thank you very much!! We got home at 11:00 pm. I was beyond tired. The hardest part of the entire day was eating. Im still eating softer foods and settled on crepes. Not a vegetable or fruit all day.. 
On Friday morning, I had to wake up at the crack of shmack to go to the OS. He was thrilled with his work and raved about how perfectly my midline matches up. Now If I can get the Orthodontic part whipped into shape.  In the afternoon John and I boarded a flight to SanDiego for the weekend, and had the most amazing dinner at a restaurant since surgery. We went to little Italy and had dinner at indigo grill. Highly recommended if ever in this part of the country! 
The presentation was beyond fantastic.. this is the Roasted butternut squash soup with cilantro pesto, roasted corn, beet puree, creme fraise. So good it brought a tear to my eye. My diet has been so generic and this made my palate sing!! Laalaala..

This is the oven roasted veggies, potatoes, beets, turnips carrots and onion. With a hint of spice, I have never been happier to eat!!!

This is Johns selection. Snapper with roasted veggies. I wasn't expecting the whole fish, but he loved it!

I did a lot this week and have a full weekend, but I have to say that im miles away from the bed bound swollen, numb, miserable shell of myself just 8 weeks ago. I've had a big week of reflection, and find myself looking at the ocean with emotion on the surface in the deepest gratitude for life, love health and family. As difficult as it is to recover from this jaw breaking surgery, I cant help but feel the deepest thanks for so many things in my life that are good!! 


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