I feel like sea weed finding my color correction...9 WEEKS POST OP!!

Saturday night was a true delight. Our friends had us over for a dinner party by the pool. We have done this many times before, and it is usually a BBQ swimming, and an all around great time. This party was over the top with Chef Joseph catering the evening, and a most elegant presentation poolside near the cabana. And if all of that wasn't enough, they planned a special catered dinner for me, gluten free, and soft to chew. Chef Joseph catered dinner for 23 and then did a separate catering to accommodate my post surgical situation. As I check on others progress, I wonder why chewing is more difficult for me? It's getting better, but Im still gravitating to the soft textured foods.  The host of the party is also a plastic surgeon who in his early years, had experience with jaw surgery. I was so nervous for him to see my face, not sure if he would find the results pleasing.( I am still struggling with the profile shot where my cheeks seem way to front and center.)  After a full inspection, he gave his approval, and let me know that  my OS did a great job. Whew!!  This was such a perfect getaway for my 2 month anniversary. I have been running myself ragged every single day and have such gratitude for the thought and consideration that went into the planning of this party, and for the invitation to be there! 

Chef Joseph, I thank you for hard work, and special care as you customized an entire meal, taking into consideration my dietary needs. Such acts of kindness make such a big difference. Thank you, Thank you! (what's up with my dorky smile here? this is what joy looks like on a grill full of braces.)

Walking along the pier, This bird was rooting around this dripping faucet, waiting to taste the droplets of fresh water. Just 8 weeks ago, I felt much like this little fella. On a liquid diet that was siphoned through an oversized syringe with a rubber hose attachment. Seriously, the water  dripping through the faucet on this dirty rinsing sink may have tasted better..  Again, Chef Joseph, I thank you for food that make my palate sing and my eyes brim with tears!! 

And it kept getting better.. What a beautiful day for a walk along the beach. I was craving some ocean time, and wow! (Ask and ye shall receive.)  John and I went to pacific beach for a stroll along the boardwalk, It did not disappoint. The breeze, the fresh air, hot sand between my toes. Delicious!! 

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  This seaweed is beautiful. I love photographing nature, and this could not be passed by. This is what a jaw surgery patient feels like. Seaweed on its own typically is very ordinary, but once enhanced and color corrected the results bring a new level of extraordinary to the once common, perhaps even broken. So many of us who have survived jaw surgery, do it for reasons of function. I know that correcting a bite that was so far off, will bring a new level of extraordinary moments into my life. To be able to totally chew and enjoy food without pain, is like a color correction in my life. Every day as I get better, I find gratitude in that deepest place of my soul knowing that I now view my life with new perspective through new lenses, and baby, it's looking beautiful out there!

Crystal pier was off in the distance, and I knew I had to make my way under it. I knew from the boardwalk, that magic awaited me if I would take a closer look. This little spot, felt hauntingly delightful, the sound of the ocean crashing into the pilings, created an echo of mystery. I smiled from the inside out with every photo, wondering what stories the pier had to tell. What moments were witnessed under the legs of this 1400 foot wooden plank? 

Moments like this... A recovering Mother and wife, on a break from the kids finding a new level of healing and soul connecting. And spending time with an amazing husband! 

And this is the gift offered when you go above and walk a long the old wooden planks. Miles of ocean and waves and beaches full of people all relaxing and unwinding. 

The green flash.. with a patio overlooking the ocean, many green flashes have been witnessed here. If you are lucky, when the sun is setting and conditions are right, you will see a bright green flash on the horizon only lasting a couple of seconds. A photo I intend to capture before I die!

And we cant ignore the palm trees that let you know you are in a a costal region. I had an amazing but short break away from life, and am so grateful to good friends that made it all possible, chefs that not only fed my body, but fed my soul. And the astounding beauties of nature that tell stories, and help me understand that feeling better comes in the places one may not think to look!! 



  1. Tresa,

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

    These pictures are beautiful (as are you)!! You seem to be doing extraordinarily well. Such a blessing!

  2. Your pictures are so pretty! I am so jealous of your vacation, it looks like you're having an amazing time!

  3. Tresa,
    Your smile looks amazing!!! Your doctor did a stellar job. I'm glad you're doing so well just 9 weeks post-op. I go in tomorrow for my surgery and it gives me some hope that I will recover just as quickly as you are. Thank you for keeping this blog!