Galas, Bagpipes, fried foods and hoop drums....1 month and nearly 2 weeks post Op

A very busy weekend.. I volunteered at the "More Project" Gala held at the Salt Palace. It is a non-profit, that helps to build schools and create jobs for children and adults in Brazil. This event raised 1.5 million dollars by the end of the night. What a gift to contribute is such a small way. Being a recovering jaw patient was evident. I couldn't boast the same level of strength and stamina that I normally rely on.  At dinner, I noticed the most unusual sensation that I may have difficulty explaining. When I had a drink of cold water, it sent a wave of cold sensation all through my chin, all the way down and across. The cold water touches a nerve that is activated inside my lower lip and then sweeps this strange coldness. I hope that is another good sign of the nerves responding and trying to recover. I kept touching my chin on the outside, it felt like water was cascading down my face. So so strange.  Big shout out to Val for the opportunity!

On Saturday, we took our kids to the Scottish festival. Scotland is one of my favorite countries. We have visited several times during July for the British open. This made me miss my home away from home. I saw a man wearing a t-shirt that said, "It's a Kilt, if I wore anything under it, It would be a skirt." Haa so true.  This band was fantastic, the bagpipes in combination with the drums transported me to a delightful place.

My sweet boy Connor. He was so thrilled with the food. We had "Chips" (french fries) doused in malt vinegar. He begged for a visit to scotland where he could eat fish n chips every day. They also had delicious funnel cake, (fried of course.) I managed to chew a few "Chips" but it is not easy. I hope my ability to chew food will come back.  

I bought this fabulous Bodhran (celtic) hoop drum with the Carew Cross. Symbolic of the 4 directions and elements of earth, wind, fire, air.. So excited to add this to the collection of drums, and flutes from traditions that I love. Favorites are the african Djembe drum, native american flute,  African Digereedoo and now my Celtic hoop drum. Closing in on 7 weeks post op. Life is taking on a sense of normalcy. Cheers.....

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  1. I too am having a hard time with cold weather. It doesn't hurt per se, just feels a little weird.