Emergency Ortho 5 alarm bite shift...6 weeks and 2 days Post OP

Ohh dear.... My bite started shifting. The top teeth were starting to rest directly on top of the bottom teeth feeling a lot like before surgery. I scheduled a quick orthodontist appointment to have him decide if this was normal. Apparently the chain on the top brackets, were pulling together the spaces in my "billy bob" teeth, but were also pulling them "in" causing them to slip up on top of the bottom. He removed the chain and put on normal ties. And just when I think Im free, I have to join the rubber band club again. "boo." It's also only on one side. Such an attractive look to have a skeewampus uni-band on one side of the grill. It will help pull my bite back into place. They said to wear it 24 hours a day. It already seems to be working. If im lucky maybe I can ditch it next week when I follow up again. 

Such a lovely picture I know but can you see my rubber band on the left side.. Three cheers for the rubber bands. At least its not head gear. Things could be worse.  

I've heard of the rubber bands coded like "garanimals clothing" for the braces. Im in the sea lion club. 
I can open and close my mouth with greater ease than the post surgical binding bands. 

Im home from my road trip with the kids. It was a wipeout. I may sleep for a while. They had so much fun oil painting with grandpa, and exploring the town where I grew up. It was fun for me as well. But time to rest.. and pray for a bite moving in the right direction...fingers crossed!! 


  1. Glad you got that taken care of so quickly!

    I am sporting Rabbit and Impala rubberbands, ha ha. Just seeing the words 'heavy duty' on your Sea Lions packet makes me cringe!

  2. haha oh mom your hilarious!! miss you!! your teeth look amazing p.s. i told you chuck would be able to fix those back molers!!!