Before and after smiles, "Oh my what big teeth you have" 7 weeks 4 days post op

I see these photos after surgery. As the swelling has gone down, and I sport a nice big smile, I notice a huge difference. I think I may be all teeth. I was curious and so added a photo taken prior to surgery to compare. I look different right?? It's not all in my head. I want to say something like "All the better to eat you with my dear!" (although i don't look like the wolf please say no...) And my cheek bones look different.

This photo was taken 2 months before surgery at my oldest daughters wedding. I don't show as much tooth here, and the upper lip is much flatter. One surgeon called it "pancake" face. So what would one call it now? Im at a loss for something clever.

I've had trouble getting decent profile shots,  this is a tiny bit blurry but my so called "pancake face" seems to be gone and the symmetry is finally starting to show now that most of the swelling is gone. Yay!

This has been my project. Creating my outdoor living space for summer. Nothing better than fires and candles, good food and friends on those luscious summer nights!

My kids live in front of this fireplace. A roasting stick in hand loaded with marshmallows, their diet is Smores, smores, and more smores. Love the back yard in summer. We have birds butterflies, dragon flies humming birds, blue birds, and a Quail family of 10 that come for dinner every night at 6:00. 


  1. I love the new smile! You look great showing all of those teeth! Do you feel like your lip is flatter NOW or it was before surgery? I was confused reading that part. It's funny to read about your oldest daughter being married, when I saw a picture of her I thought she looked so young!

  2. Hi Tresa! I was wearing a mouth guard made by my dentist before braces. I was nervous about not wearing one while in braces. So after much trial and error, I found a cheap store bought guard that will work with braces. It basically just lays in your mouth and will protect your teeth if you clench or grind. It sells on Amazon for around $10. It took me a long time to get used to it, without it falling out in the middle of the night. But I ended up wearing it every night while I had braces, up until the night before my surgery! I get to wear it again come Monday! :-)