"Beat the Repeat!" Day 38 post OP

Showing off my biggest smile. I am this happy today!!

Today has been the best day since surgery! I went to the orthodontist with haunting concerns about my overall bite. He was thrilled at how nicely the midline of my face was lined up dead center. He laughed when I told him I had a secret fear that I would have to go in for more surgery to align the back molars. He assured me that they were minor tweaks, and put to bed any wandering fears.  So last night shortly after I completed my post, I realized that my arch-wire was really stabbing my cheek, I discovered that the very last bracket was MIA.. I don't think it came off during surgery, I think I came off more recently, perhaps over a plate of pureed food? My Orthodontist appointment could not have been more timely. He clipped the wire and is leaving it alone for now. He removed all of the surgical wires and hooks and chained the upper teeth and put regular ties on the bottom. It feels so much better, and when I smile, I look somewhat human again. My frankenstein smile will be a thing of the past.

Do you see what I see? This is my mouth all cleaned up with no surgical hooks! Do you see hope in my future? Look below...

Yesterday with surgical hooks and wires. Big difference yes??

Arrgh!! I be cuttin' off yer gub an' feedin' it to me wench! (pirate mouth)

This is why I started the process. My bite prior to surgery. I've come a long way baby!! Ahhh...

I've had another big awareness come on line during this process. I know it's become a cultural problem, and Im as guilty as the next. The difference is that I am AWARE.  It's the "HuH?" or "WHAT?" or the polite "EXCUSE ME?" or "PARDON?" or "SAY THAT AGAIN?"  Allow me to share my thoughts about this common problem. How often are you in a conversation and the person who is speaking, finishes a sentence and you, as a listener say  ("WHAT?" ) Then that person repeats themselves. I know that I do and have done this realizing full well that I heard every single word the first time around. It's a bad habit that we develop.  I became very aware of these social anomalies during my time being banded shut. My swollen and numb tongue was trapped behind teeth on hardcore lock down.  My mouth was numb making it almost impossible to form words. So trying to speak has been one of the most trying challenges as I've mentioned several times.  It is only exasperated when I manage to get a complete sentence out and the person listening says "WHAT?" We were at a restaurant and I completed stating my order, highlighting my specific needs. The waiter said "Excuse me?" I looked at my husband with desperation in my eyes and he was able to repeat my order so I didn't have to. In my case, after getting out a good sentence or two, a good inhale needs to follow. The problem is that sucking air through a face in lockdown, is anti-climatic. And somehow inhaling through the nose doesn't quite cut it either. Normally when we need to take a deep inhale to restock the lungs, we open our mouth and let it all in. In any event, I find speaking a strain, and repeating myself a total depletion of oxygen. So I am very aware now of this bad social habit. My kids are the worst offenders, and now I say do I really have to repeat myself? almost every time, they acknowledge that they heard the first time around and as of this week, I only have to shoot them a look and they take back their "WHAT?"  I hope Im able to work this out and become a better listener. (There are times when we truly don't hear and need to ask for a repeat. This is not what Im talking about.) I want to break this habit, it has taken a saw to my skull to realize the depth of frustration that accompanies the constant need to repeat.  So perhaps notice in your own life how often this occurs. I say we start a new social norm we can call it "BEAT THE REPEAT".

Say what sista, 
Come again,
Speaking words,
Say them again.
Did i hear you?
or am I lazy
Please repeat, 
I'll make you crazy.
Excuse me?
Pardon me please?
Say what? 
Come again? 
Huh? Geeze...
Slow down
Plug in,
Take a seat...
Lets all try to 
Beat the repeat!

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  1. Oooo, yes, you have been banded shut a while now. Luckily for me it wasn't to long but I had the opposite problem. I would muster up the energy to produce a sentence, carefully selecting my words. And the person 'listening' would nod and then do or say something in response proving they totally did not understand. My mother was the worst offender. I finally had to make her repeat evrrything I said to her, like a parrot, to ensure she heard me correctly.