$400.00 drill bits and Numchucks to the cheeks day 30 something post op

The new bands are fantastic. My mouth actually looks somewhat human rather than something out of a machine shop. Downside? It feels like I've taken a proper pounding of numchucks to the grill. Oh my how the teeth ache as they are back on the move again. On the bright side, there isn't a better time to be skilled in the art of eating pureed food. My chompers couldn't bite through a blueberry. (I tried, and failed).

(Sydnie Loo Hoo) I performed this stunt at 7 am puffy face and tight jaw. Can you tell? LOL!

My kids had their last day of school today. What a week, crazy hair day, into the future day, sports day, field day, twins day, hawaiian beach day, free dress day.  It's like halloween for 5 days strait. Being a post surgical jaw patient, you can imagine how my mornings went. I was jolted out of bed at 7 am putting together costumes and fixing hair. Don't forget the lunch (k so it was a gross lunchable but forgot to send it grrr.)  Remember, waking up is the hardest part. Puffy eyes cant see that early, stiff jaw can't speak either. We count down the days with jubilation anticipating the long and late summer nights. The sleeping in until 9 or 10 like a proper teenager. I have to put on my travel agent hat and get busy planning activities that will keep the pestering's bearable.  Oh what to do. I wonder how much of my summer will be spent in braces? I wonder if I will be able to bite in to a tortilla chip before the snow falls? I wonder if I will get used to my new face? I wonder if my chin will stay numb? I wonder if I will have the stamina to maintain a garden?  A lot of unknowns, more about remaining in the place of surrender. I find it interesting that I have called in this level of learning to take a break from needing to control and manage every situation.

"If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass, you live more richly those moments."

On another note, I finally received a bill from the hospital and Dr.s office. The hospital charged $23,684.43 here is a rundown on some of the billable charges. The OR charges by the minute and I was a Level 1.  The billable time was for 143 minutes total fee $5086.51 so if Im doing the math correctly it costs $35.56 per minute. (Doc. said he was done in an hour and 20 min. hmmm)  Thrombin recombin (used to help control blood loss) This cost $353.71 but worth it because I had 1/3 less of the normal blood loss compared to others. Daily room charge $765.51 (the bed was comfortable, food sucked, could have had a room on a private island for that fee.) The saw used to cut the skull must come in disposable parts. The pointed blade 25mm was 582.00, the same blade at 38mm was 291.00 there were 2 drill bits each one cost $425.52. I could do some serious damage at home depot with this budget in the power tool section. (I love power tools especially saw's!) There are a million other charges, but I found it interesting to break it down into items and these stood out. The anesthesiologist charged $1000.00 the surgeon charged $12095.00 and his assistant surgeon $2000.00. Add that all together and its $38,799.00 with the trickling in of other charges Im sure it will round up to 40 grand or more. This does not include braces, another $4000.00.  Cost of a perfectly strait grill with teeth that can chew food.....(priceless)  Thank you insurance for understanding that this was indeed medically necessary, and footing the bill. I have been a very healthy girl, requiring almost no medical attention except for the occasional well check where I pass every time with flying colors. So thank you for helping out. I actually like you right now.

For someone with nothing to say today, I managed to say too much. So as I take a deep breath, blessings and cyber hugs to all of you recovering or in surgery this week...


  1. I can't wait to see the breakdown of my surgery! It's insane how much every little single thing costs.

  2. Yes, I have already gotten some unexpected insurance surprises (not the good kind), so hopefully it works itself out.

    I go back to work on monday and I also agree mornings ate the worst. Now, I sit in bed for an hour, bed buddy in hand, until I can even think about getting out of bed. Should be interesting...