2 month anniversary, check out all of my faces!!

Today marks 2 MONTHS!! I now have 2 months behind me. I remember when my cheeks were swollen and so hot, I thought my face might blow up. It was tight and felt like a cement brick. Totally numb from the bottom of my eyelids down both cheeks, nose upper lip and all of my chin. My tongue was held hostage behind the locked down teeth, with partial numbness it felt huge and claustrophobic. The ice packs were never cold enough. The liquid food meant to keep me alive tasted like it was being filtered through a garden hose. And the liquid medicine made me violently ill. My pupils were dilated for 9 days when I cross contaminated them with the sea sick patch. There was one day when I looked at my photo, I resembled the stone statues on Easter Island.  When I tried to kiss my kids, I could not feel their cheeks. That made me the saddest. But look at me now only 8 weeks after having my face broken and put back together again.  And now for my tricks, the pictures below are not attractive, but I must show off my new skills.

Check out the flexibility of my lips, if you look even my chin is starting to move along. This would have been impossible even 4 weeks ago! High five for the ugly face!! YES!!!

My lips are touching and Im doing the raspberry thing, lips can pucker as well!! PROGRESS!! YES?

I swear my teeth look ginormous. I hope I end up liking this look. I feel like I have horse teeth. He advanced and lowered my upper jaw and now Im showing those Danish teeth. WOW! This is my BIG smile. I can tell you that the first 2 weeks of surgery made me wonder if I would ever smile again. Go back and have a look. Big teeth or not, I can smile!

And this is me now... So happy to have 2 months behind me. Tonight when I tuck my little ones in bed and kiss them goodnight, I will be able to feel their squishy little yummy cheeks. I can feel the entire surface of my skin, but still have a little bit of deeper numbness in the chin. I can pull all of the funny faces, pucker my lips, use a straw, blow my nose, eat from a spoon. 

It's far from perfect, I still have a ways to go but seriously, for an "Old lady" Im rocking my 2 month anniversary. I had a fire, and invited friends over. I knelt in front of it and one by one, poured out 6 bottles of liquid narcotic pain medicine and burned it! I let go of the past, with the deepest of gratitude for  an experience that taught me life lessons I could not have learned any other way. In place of letting it all go, I called in total healing, asking for 100% of feeling to return. I have no doubt that this will happen. There are still rough days ahead but today its all about the progress!! Yay for 2 months!!

Buhh bye pain meds. 


  1. Ahhhh, Tresa! Great post! Your funny faces still make you look gorgeous! I LOVE your teeth. My teeth are on the small side and because I grind, I am super paranoid about one day just having tiny little nubs. Because of this, I am absolutely green with envy over you folks with substantial sized teeth. Flaunt them, girl!

    I absolutely love that you celebrated your 2 month anniversary. I also love that you celebrate the solstice! My boyfriend and I do as well. We always have a huge summer solstice feast and then another for the winter solstice. Because I am busy each night this week, we are planning on having a solstice picnic on Saturday, filled with fresh fruits, delicious gourmet cheeses, and of course chilled white wine. Yum! Yeah for eating!

    I guess I should feel fortunate for not being banded shut as long as it seems everyone else was. I can't even imagine. Oh wait...I can imagine... Yikes!

    Thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog. It really does take another fellow jaw surgery buddy to understand all the crazy stuff we have to go through. I definitely feel like a stronger person having done this. :-)

  2. Tresa, thanks for visiting my blog! You look beautiful and what a lovely smile you have! I look forward to reading through and following your blog!