Happy Birthday Beautiful Momma... Day 26 Post Op.

Wow Day 26.. Now I do realize that at this point im not really looking much different from day to day, but in the future, I will be glad that it has all been documented. This has been my best day for pain. It's been really manageable, in fact, I only took pain meds this morning.  Is it another milestone? Ill know tomorrow.  

On another note... Today would have been my Mothers 63rd Birthday. She Died when I was a tender 8 years old. I was the oldest of her 5 children. My sister tami was only a year old. My Mother continues to be there for me and all of her children... I wrote a note to honor her today which was posted on facebook. I think it is appropriate to also include it here on my blog. I know she has been with me through this process of healing and recovery and want to honor her life...

You were born in 1948 you weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces. Not much larger than a soda can. The Dr. said you would not live. There was no NICU.. only an eyedropper full of milk feeding you drop by drop. There were not clothes small enough, they had to be made.. Your life had a purpose, you defied the odds you chose life. As you grew the Dr. said you would never bear children. This saddened your heart, because deep inside this is all you wanted. Again, you chose life... July 21 1969 you gave birth to me, your first born baby. I know without a doubt in my mind that I was loved. And then exactly 2 years later your first son Mikel joined your heart. Curtis was next, and your joy increased. Then Lane your rambunctious light that added much needed energy to the mix. And then sweet little Tami. You loved these babies each one individually. You understood how different they all were and was determined to honor their gifts. Then yet again another pregnancy. This one came with illness, a blod clot that needed attention.  I remember the day Dad carried you to the car and drove you to the hospital.. I would never see you again. Your time was complete your contract fulfilled. The aneurism took your breath away, and your unborn child with you. I know that there was an agreement that you would fulfill. You would die at age 29 and leave behind 5 small babies. But you would always be a part of their lives. You would continue to parent them from where you are now. I know this for sure as I have felt your intervention and protection countless times. Today, I honor you. The day you were born was a miracle. Your life has multiplied your legacy is tremendous! Your children are strong, your grandchildren are stronger. But you know this because you are always here, looking in and smiling. Being a motherless daughter has been a challenge, but I am a viking a warrior a survivor a mother myself. I love you and my love comes from that most fragile place in the deepest most sacred space inside my heart! Happy Birthday Mommie.. Im glad you chose life, because It meant that you chose not only me but your other 4 children, and from that your grandchildren. We honor you, we love you and we celebrate you!! Your birthday is our birthday... Love love love love.......


  1. Tresa,

    This tribute to your mother is precious. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing such a special part of yourself with us.

  2. That is beautiful, Tresa! Enjoy this special day. :)