Sweet freedom and a bed buddie... day 22 Post Op

Sweet freedom. Feeling good enough to drive again!! YAY!!I went to the Dr. today. He was very pleased with my bite, and gave me exercises to start doing. The "Billie Bob" spaces between my teeth are continuing, something i'll have to live with until week 6 when I can get into the Orthodontist. I feel like Im all teeth at this point. The wire wrapped brackets and surgical hooks add to the hardware, and then the shifting of my jaws make the teeth feel front and center. We have had unusually cold rainy weather today. I think it aggravates the nerve pain. I used the warm compresses most of the day. It really helps with discomfort. The pain factor has surprised me. I would have thought that if your having your jaw sawed away from your skull, and then re-attaching it with hardware, that you would feel extreme pain in the jaw bone and incision sight.. Wrong. I can say that the pain in those areas is minimal. My worst pain is the nerves firing. It is the most annoying and uncomfortable pain, very intense. My chin, lips, and under my nose are the worst. I know that sounds like a complaint, (so a little) but in reality this is such a good sign. The pain means that the nerves are waking up and re-connecting. I do feel my lips and chin more and more. YAY!

I was able to drive my kids to art class today, I really love that Im able to step back into my mommy role. The kids like having that routine starting to take shape again. I stopped at Bed bath and Beyond and purchased a Bed Buddie. Now I realize that I already have a bed buddy, and he is great, but I can't wrap him around my chin for a warm soothing relief. I thank my fellow jaw surgery blogging friend Tina for the tip. It is a moist heat wrap that stays warm longer. It is delightful. So thats it for day 21.


Sis-in law Laurie. She and Daniel came to sit with John during my surgery. Thanks for offering him the support.  Mr. Martindale doesn't do well with hospitals, and illness....

Dr. Egbert! My surgeon. The best in Utah. He said it himself thats why I chose him. Loved his level of confidence in his work!

Pop AKA Daniel (bro in law)  AKA Mortician, dressed for work, thanks for being at the hospital, won't be needing your professional services, not this time!!!

Mr. Martindale husband Extrordinaire!! Thanks for staying with me through such a big surgery. I know that was beyond your comfort zone!!

Mr. Martindale and his sis.. such a sweet tender moment walking away from the big bad operating door. Thanks for being such a big Sis. he needed you that day!!

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  1. I am more and more fascinated with how well your recovery has been going. I suspect your positivity has a lot to do with it! You look wonderful, and I'm sure your little ones LOVE having mommy back to normal. I think it is fantastic that you have such a great support system throughout all of this.