Sunny day 27 days Post Op

Well... I made it through the day with only 1 dose of tylenol. I never thought that would happen. Face still hurts, but I can manage it better. My nose seems ever  so slightly crooked. The right nostril seem a little bit higher. I don't know if its still swelling or the altar stitch?? ( hard to see it in photos, Im sure no one wants a close up of my nose!) Most of the swelling around the jawline seems better, my cheeks and under my eyes still feel a tiny bit puffy. But it's also numb there as well. Putting on makeup feels so strange. My lower eyelids are numb, the sensation of eyeliner is freaky, I hope that changes! We had a sunny day today!! So nice to get outside and set up the outdoor patio furniture. I love, love the warm summer days spent under the tent watching the birds. I will start to plant my garden monday. YaY.  Not much else to report today.. so Day 27 Post Op..Signing off!!

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  1. An uneventful jaw surgery recovery day is a GREAT day! :-)