What Zoo pet will win the Knife off?? Day 10 Post OP

I went to my surgeon again.. He's thrilled that everything looks great. I complained about the nerve pain and he promised that over time it would improve. He was firm about altering the loritab and tylenol  every 2 hours. He reminded me that rest was a big deal, and During the time when the rubber bands are on, my mouth should stay closed with speaking at a minimum. Trying to muzzle me is not a simple request..  Notice my cute little zoo pals beaver knife.. This little cutie helped me get my lovely oatmeal and strawberry's down the hatch!! 

Still swelling in the cheeks and lower jaw, the lips are numb, great progress for 10 days tho....My upper teeth are moving a little bit causing the Billy Bob spaces to return..(Sigh) I can't see the ortho for 6 weeks so again patience....I managed to strain a smile.. This was difficult and hurt but so glad That I was able to put on a happy face for even a minute. YAY!!

Little zoo pet green crocodile machine.. Hes a little bit skinny and not a zoo pal favorite. But needed some air time....

This was dinner, Quinoa and carrots, with olive oil and a dash of salt.. Little blue sharky poo is also a bit on the skinny side for scooping, his tail fins worked the best.. Its official that Beavie and Bunny pie win the knife off. They have enough chub on one end to scoop up the food!  Shout out to Beavie and Bunnie!

End of the day.. I managed to hang low today and keep talking at a minimum..  Oh and I am all of my meds, are in pill form! Being able to swallow a pill is a pure dream!! Staying quiet and sitting still helped to keep the pain under control today. This recovering process is a long long road. 
So thankful for so much support so far..  


  1. You are looking fantastic and such a nice smile for Day 10!

    I am hanging on your every word at this point. My surgery is on May 10, and it is consuming my thoughts. I'm meeting with a friend this weekend who is going to teach me a little self-hypnosis to help with the difficult times.

    Are you sleeping OK? Did you have any trouble with lightheadedness during the first few days?

    I am so encouraged by your amazing progress!

  2. ipadjett,

    I totally understand your feelings! The anticipation for your surgery date can be nerve racking! I love that you are learning some self hypnosis techniques, that will put you miles ahead.. I had to go into a meditative place more than once. The worst part of this surgery for me has been the numbness, from my nose to my chin. The nerves are trying to wake up and it can be painful. (great time to meditate) I was lightheaded and dizzy, and still go slow to keep it at bay. Alot of that has to do with the pain medication. I strongly urge you to drink something each time you take medicine. I found the carnation instant breakfast drink was thick enough to coat my stomach so it could tolerate the liquid pain meds. . My worst days were 4 and 5. It's been a steady improvement since. This is a big surgery and im learning that it is so important to rest... Speaking alot strains the facial muscles and makes the nerve pain worse. So allow yourself time to go slow. You will do great.. Take lots of pictures. Im sending you energy of courage, peace, and speedy recovery.. Do you have a blog that I can follow? feel free to ask any questions.