Orabrush...is your tongue clean? Day 23 Post OP

"Rain Rain go away it makes my face hurt today." The cold weather is not my friend. It makes all of the nerve pain and tightness more intense. Thank goodness for heat wraps and hot showers! I managed to go grocery shopping today and then cooked dinner. I made food that I can eat for the next few days. Organic sweet potatoes and brown rice with cilantro and olive oil are a favorite. I also eat avocado and baked beets then pureed them. I crave Beets every now and again. They were delish!! I made a delightful gluten free grain hot cereal this morning with raspberries. I look forward to chewing food again some day, but for now im surviving and managing to keep it healthy.  I find mornings the hardest part of the day. It's really waking up that is the worst. It seems like my head is heavy and painful, I usually feel a tiny bit nauseous and dizzy. I can't say that Im noticing a huge amount of progress in the healing. Im doing more yes...but the pain levels seem to be about the same. I feel like im in a rut for a minute. Im sure that I will notice a rally soon and can report a more progressive level of healing. 

I have a great find for any of you who have had or will have jaw surgery. You must add this to your list. Its called the Orabrush. It is specifically made to clean your tongue. Those of you who read this blog to see progress, I also say to you give this a chance. One of the biggest complaints is the gross feeling in your mouth following this surgery. With a mouth wired shut, drugs, and a liquid diet you create a recipe for disaster inside the mouth. (the saline rinses don't help)  Once you are past your first week, the surgeon removes the bands that have been holding your tongue hostage. There isn't anyone who cant wait to do a thorough cleaning and brushing. This is the best brush made just for the tongue. Im only allowed to remove my bands that bind my teeth together in a vice grip 3 times a day and the FIRST thing i want to do is brush and clean my mouth.  A little bit of toothpaste and this brush is a dream. The best part is that it is flat enough to fit in the small opening post surgery!  When my daughter was in town over mothers day she told me about this brush. She went to 3 different pharmacies during her time here and couldn't find it.. But today, I went to Walmart and it is the only store in Utah that carries it. So everyone go out and buy yourself an Orabrush 90% of bad breath is due to a dirty tongue. (eww) Ive tried the other products. NOPE!!! This is the bomb... just sayin.... only 8 dollars for a 2 pack. Give one to your significant other.... Day 23 post OP.. a squeaky clean tongue. 


  1. Thanks Tresa! It is comforting knowing that what I am feeling is par for the course. I did see about the tongue brush. FANTASTIC idea. I will be getting one as soon as venture outside. Oh man, those first days of being banfed shut were the pits. The taste was awful! Luckily now I can open so wide, I am not very limited at all in what I can do in there.

  2. "Only $8 for 2; give one to your significant other"...LOL! Reading this was like a commercial! But THANK YOU for the heads up on the Orabrush! Gotta have one. I used a tongue scraper after my surgery, which was decent. But I REALLY want a tongue brush.

    On another note, I'm sorry to hear that your pain is lingering a bit. May I suggest (if you haven't already) that you alternate between cold and heat?? I've been told by doctors and other people who have had orthognathic surgery, that it helps quite a bit...Who knows??

    As far as appearance, you look fabulous! And your positive attitude is so refreshing to see.