One Month behind me 4 weeks Post OP

I Celebrate 4 weeks post OP! Thats one Month.. Wow! This double jaw surgery is a long recovery. Functionally I'm doing much better. I'm eating soft foods only, taking off the rubber bands 3 times a day for 1.5 hours each time.  (still can't chew) My exercise is to swipe my pinky fingers between my open bite as many as 10 times.  My jaw is still kind of tight and I can do the pinky, but not much more than that. I see my surgeon tomorrow and will be granted more privileges. My sensory pain is still a constant, the "edge" is definitely better. I don't really take any meds at all now. I figure my poor liver and kidneys need a break. My body does not handle drugs well at all. My activity is building each day, still take naps when I need them.  I knew going into this that it would be long and difficult, but you just can't get your head around it until your sitting in it. I think that Im doing exceptionally well considering that im 41. Dr's were sure to let me know that my age was not in my favor. With any other surgery, your still able to use your mouth and eat sooner rather than later. Having your mouth shut down and in pain for such a long time, requires a mental strength in addition to a physical one. There is discouragement with the numbness and tingling, but I never consider that it wont fully recover. I have more movement at 4 weeks than I thought I would. I can suck through a straw and drink from a cup, but Its uncomfortable and often dribbles down my chin.  
It's baby steps like that, that keep a recovering jaw patient optimistic. I can apply my Burts bees lip balm without a mirror and without covering my entire upper lip and nostrils, I can feel enough sensation to hit the mark YAY!!  I see my Orthodontist in 2 weeks and am very anxious to hear him tell me that he can make the fine tune adjustments needed to make all of the back molars touch completely. I choose to believe in success!! 
Progress for me has been measured in what I can now call the "thin space" as explained by Jeni Stepanek,  "it's a place where your spirit and God are in closest contact. Generally, we're all aware we have a spirit, an essence, that's deep inside us At your thin space, the veil separating your essence from your being becomes transparent enough that the spirit becomes undeniable, Instead of being a silent voice, your spirit more or less shows itself to you; you know it intimately rather than simply being aware of it." I found my thin space in my sanctuary that was created for my recovery. I was very aware that I was not alone in the process. I still feel this way now. So this journey and the forced silence that has been my companion, has been multi dimensional I am a survivor on a new level, I have gratitude that My face is in alignment and that my soul has survived and been seen!! This has truly been an adventure and is still continuing!! More updates, to follow. Im so glad to have a record of my experience, and if anyone has gained anything positive along the way then my gratitude deepens. 
In Munay, Me.....

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  1. Your experience has been so positive, successful, helpful, inspirational. Thank you! You look beautiful and I know you will continue to improve those last little frustrating bits more and more each day.