"Oh my what BIG eyes you have" WARNING... Day 9 post OP

I have struggled with nausea alot since coming home. My stomach is sensitive to the toxic liquid pain killers, antibiotics, etc... I found the TRANSDERM SCOP ear patch usually prescribed to people going on a cruise. Its a little patch that sits behind the ear for up to 2 days and is a tremendous help for the constant nausea I have suffered with.  So this morning i woke up and put in my contacts. I could not read close up at all.. I was very concerned, i really need my eyes oh please....I found an old pair of reading glasses that helped me focus but seriously do the eyes go through that kind of drastic change overnight?? 
Sharon was bringing me fresh water and asked if i still had the patch on.. NO it was missing.. she found it on my water bottle. WARNING.. The medicine on the patch is the same ingredient used at the eye doctor to dilate the eyes. During the night I scratched off the patch, and touched my face. (percocet makes me itchy) I grabbed for a mirror and sure enough,( lets add insult to injury), my pupils were ginormous  (gasp).  Becca did mention this as a problem. UGG.. the effects last up to 2 days. The patches are such a miracle for nausea, should you choose to wear them, put a band-aide or piece of tape over the patch so that you don't cross contaminate.  I will laugh about this when the feeling to my upper lip returns and smiling isn't painful.

This was my breakfast.. I took off the rubber bands and enjoyed a mixed grain cereal, notice my handy Zoo Pets bunny Knife. Such a great way to fit food in the small opening. It took 20 min. to eat this little bowl, and I savored every single morsel of it. 

Swelling is down a bit more today. The cheeks and chin are still puffy but my face is starting to take form. Im finding it very strange to see this new look, It's not a huge change but enough for me to take note and just wonder how it will all be in the end.
Dinner, with my pink bunny knife.. Sweet potatoes and avocado, still needing bland food so that the stomach  will stay happy and calm. Took at least 30 min. to eat this small plate. Ive always been a hoover (vacuum) when it comes to food. Growing up with 9 kids in the house, dinner time was a tackle play, grab what you can and eat it fast. I can say that every tastebud  that is not numb enjoyed every bite.  We take things like that for granted. 

The end of day 9 post OP.. still puffy but feeling alot better. The very center of my face is so numb and tingly. It's really painful.. I pray that the nerves will wake up and find their perfect match and allow feeling to return. Speaking is difficult. I have to constantly remember that im knee deep in surrender, Patience has to be my companion. I have faith that feeling will return.. Good night!


  1. I hope my attitude is as good as yours come my turn next week. You look amazing and your tips are fantastic. Thank you! Looking forward to you next update. :-)

  2. Sending you courage and healing light as you jump off next week.. The worst part for me has been the battle with nausea. The liquid meds have been really hard on my stomach.Always drink a few sips of a smoothie or instant breakfast drink before you load your tummy with meds. The patch is great just heed the warning my eyes are still dilated today..
    THe nerve pain and numbness are the most painful. Im switching to head now hoping to improve circulation. It is the best when I lay low and dont speak.. (so so hard) Good luck and contact me with any questions. (hugs)