My "A" Team day 19 Post Op

This is Ashlee, my oldest daughter. She and her husband moved to California for the summer and she flew in to surprise me for Mothers Day, and help out for the week. What an amazing woman she has become. I beam with pride as I watched her step in and care for me and her younger siblings. Today she had to fly home and I decided to ride along to get out of the house, saying goodbye was hard, we all miss you so much and can't wait to have you back in Aug. Love you to the moon!!

We decided to try again to have lunch out. Chipotle was so good the other day we decided to give it a try again. This is my youngest daughter Sydnie.  I actually did much better in public this time, I managed to eat without spilling food all over myself. I think that feeling is returning to my mouth and chin (knock on wood)  this outing was enough to make me want my bed.. I slept for 2 hours. It doesn't take alot to wear me out. I hope my energy is restored soon..
This is my friend Becca, She has been a huge supporter and helper in my recovery. She put together and amazing pre-surgery basket with all kinds of food, magazines and goodies to make the recovery more comfy. She has also been by several times for visits to comfort, play music, watch tv... She also spent a night early on and took a shift giving me meds! She has also taken me to the chiropractor that is helping restore nerves.  I am so lucky to have such great friends!!

Meet Sharaon, the unsung hero!! She has moved into our guest bedroom. She set her alarm every three hours for 2 1/2 weeks to come into my room and give me meds. I was not allowed to do it on my own when I  accidentally took the wrong kind and the wrong amount. She has fed my family, helped get my kids to school, kept my house clean and given detox foot baths not only to me but anyone who stopped by and looked like they could use a lift. She is one of Gods angels sent to bless lives, I have the deepest gratitude for this wonderful woman. 
This is Don and Shannon, (Johns parents) They came from St.George for 2 weeks to help run the house and kids. They helped get kids off to school, helped with homework, and projects, kept kids rooms clean, house clean, fixed dinner, ran carpool, took kids to art class and so much more. I didn't realize how much I do in a day until I had to divide it all up amongst many. We owe a debt of gratitude to great parents/grandparents willing to help out in such a big way. We love you and can't thank you enough!!

I also thank all of the other friends and family who visited and offered support in various ways! I am so honored to be surrounded by such strong fine people. As Day 19 wraps up, I have to say that each day gets a tiny bit better. I still have swelling, my pain is managed with over the counter drugs (yay) my nausea is getting better. I dont need  the turkey baster with the rubber hose attachment! (everything had a rubber aftertaste like eating through a garden hose) this friends is progress! Hanging in there hoping day 20 brings more healing, and feeling!! 

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  1. Great support system. I am chasing after you! I wanna be where you are at! In due time, u suppose. Did you end up with a sore throat from all the mouth breathing? Mine is so sore.