Lowering expectations just a titch...Day 6 post op

Today greeted me without nausea!! YAY!  I found that carnation breakfast drink mixed with SO delicious coconut milk, is thick enough to coat the stomach.. and the anti- nausea ear patch is a little dream. A perfect cocktail to keep everything level.. Anyone undergoing  this type of surgery should learn from my mis- haps.
1- take 2 turkey basting syringes home with you...
2- find gel packs that can fit into the jawbra, have extras on hand for rotating. Ice leaks causing soggy face.
3- Create a detailed chart showing what meds need to be taken at what time. Keep meds and chart together   so that others can help without getting confused.  Do not leave hospital without detailed instructions.
4-You will need help at night so find your most reliable freind or family to be in charge of getting you   meds around the clock. My dear friend Sharon set her alarm for every 2 hours to keep pain under control.
5- Drink something thick like carnation drink, creamy soup, before you load your empty stomach up on liquid medicine. Even a few gulps help the medicine go down!! Make sure people in charge write down time and doses or check them off the list. (you don't want to fall behind, it nearly did me in)

Set up the room you will be sleeping in so that it feels relaxing and peaceful. I light candles at night, and have lovely meditation music playing. Use a good room spray to keep things fresh. I love rosemary mint zummist found at whole foods. (delightful), A nice humidifier is key.. I have the air-o-swiss found at Bed bath Beyond. I add several drops of essential oil to the water to diffuse. Peppermint and lavender, help keep those sinus's happy and breathing clear.  Open your blinds in the morning and let that sun shine in! I also found that using a waterpik on the lowest setting, and brushing with a baby toothbrush feels so great.

I have been a little hard on myself for sleeping so much, what I am realizing, is that when your face has been broken and screwed back together again, the body is using all of its reserves to focus healing on the injured face. So sleep is critical. I know that soon enough I will be up and about so i lowered my expectation around the  idea that I needed to be a hero, and just surrender to the sleep!

Swelling is at it's peak today.. (i hope) Im getting some feeling back, really random. Half of my tongue feels numb, and the nose, cheeks, lips, are also numb. I am having that poky nerve pain and itching on the inside.. There are itches that can't be scratched constantly.  Ice helps relieve the sensation.
I bought 2 great creams that help soothe the numb areas.. Traumeel (homeopathic ointment) and Arnicare another homeopathic arnica cream.  For the lips I am using a tin of Burts Bees res-q-ointment.

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