I've Been Screwed (and plated) Day 15 post OP

Four Times on the bottom.... You can see in this post surgical x-ray, the screws holding my lower jaw together. It also shows the new bite and profile. 

20 times on top (give or take a screw) You can see on this Pano.. the hardware holding together the upper jaw. There are 4 metal plates keeping the upper jaw attached to my skull. 

I went to my surgeon today for my 2 week post op. I had a few questions...
1- My teeth seem to be on the move, im noticing spaces in upper teeth and the back teeth don't touch all the way.  He said "No worries this is normal and the Orthodontist will whip it into shape." I can't see him until my 6th week, so looks like i will be sporting "billie bob" teeth for a few more weeks. (joy)

2- What is the lump under my cheek near my ear?  He said "swollen lymph node, give it time." 

3- Did you make my tongue shorter? He said (with a smirk) NO!! I swear its shorter, I can barley lick my lips. It has been held hostage behind my banded shut teeth, maybe it will emerge later.

4- Should I still be on narcotics?  He said "No, I would like to see you taper off, alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen" (most of my pain is the nerve firing stabbing pain in all of the places that are numb.)

He informed me that I have been applying the rubber bands in the wrong way. They were loose enough that my lower jaw could move, and my tongue could escape. He wants my teeth banded shut all the way. I have permission to remove them 3 times a day for 1 hour each. So after a week of sweet freedom, the cuffs went back on and OUCH!  There is a way uncomfortable pressure pulling the teeth so tightly together.  I have gone all day without narcotics, and can barley tolerate the pain. I will take it tonight to sleep. I have a high pain tolerance, but this is almost kicking my butt. Ive been on the narcotics for 2 weeks, and really don't want to continue, but I may have to sneak a few in over the next few days.  My eyes are still dilated, this has been a huge inconvenience. Im scared to remove my scop patch, throwing up under these circumstances is not good.. 

He ended my appointment by showing me the before and after pictures, he is really thrilled with his work and thinks it looks fabulous.  I love seeing that my bite is in perfect alignment with my mid-face. Once swelling is totally gone and feeling has returned to my face, Im sure I will be thrilled!! 

I spent today resting, It was nice to get in a long nap. It's been so nice to have my married daughter here to help  out. She is taking such good care of me, making sure I am eating and drinking. She is also running the "littles" around to all of their various activities. Overall a decent day, alot of pain but there is always tomorrow. 

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