The itch that can't be scratched...30 days Post OP

I had a full day.. The sun has been gracing us here with warmth  and Ive had the "get the patio furniture out of storage" itch. So I spent a couple of hours hauling the furniture, decor and such to the back yard, creating my summertime space to chill in.. I also had to help my son with his Ecuador tri-fold report.. Can't wait for school to be out, the homework is killing me. These projects used all of my energy and reserves so I had to go down for a min to rest!! Speaking of itch.. we have all had a moment at least once in our life where someone takes a single hair and tickles your nose just inside the nostril? You know the itch right?? It will temporarily send you out of your mind until you can scratch and rub it away, wake you out of a dead sleep (you've all done this to a sleeping loved one for a laugh)... So one of the side effects from this surgery is this itch. It is no respecter of time or place, it will sneak up on you at any random moment that you would least expect. The problem with this post surgical itch at least for me and my numb nose, is that its phantom.. There isn't a scratch or rub that makes it go away. My eyes will water waiting for the phantom tickler to leave me at peace. Oh for the love.....I think it must be a symptom of the nerves returning to life. So because it is a sign of renewal, i will welcome my itch as a visitor who will someday return feeling to my nose.  On another note, Im less than 2 weeks away from my Orthodontist appointment. I have never been more excited to see him. I will beg and plead for him to remove the raw metal wires wrapped around every tooth, some with loops forming hooks , that poke and stab my tender cheeks and lips.. 

Check out my "pucker" This is a true milestone. I can feel my lips enough now to bring them together. YaY!  This allows for much more than kissing, I can suck from a straw, apply lipgloss without looking,  Im even able to rub my lips together to even out my freshly applied glossy goodness!! Appreciate your pucker people!! I thought it was gone for good, lips are alive!!

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  1. Ha ha! Yeah, these phantom tinglings are crazy. My chin is the current culprit for me! My nose is not numb at all and never was. I can somewhat pucker my lips but no way can I rub them together. Can't wait until I can! my top lip feels so tight. And it itches on the top left side only. How weird! One day at a time, I suppose. I am expecting it all to return! Let's hope!