I gazed upon Medusa and turned to stone... Day 28 post Op

Day 28 post op. What a day.. My youngest "little" Sydnie, had her Brownie (girl-scout) graduation ceremony today. Next year she moves into Jr. Girlscouts and a new green vest! Today was rainy and cold. Not a good combo if you are a post jaw surgery patient. Thankfully the park had a covered pavilion so we had shelter from the rain. This ended up being a 3 hour event full of fun activities for the girls. They hardly noticed the harsh conditions. It didn't take long for me to feel the effects.. As the wind picked up, It was if I locked my gaze with the cursed Medusa. I could feel the muscles on my face and lips slowly turn to stone. I could not smile, or frown.. nothing. Speaking was swiftly leaving me as well. The frigid cold damp weather had taken me hostage. I once again felt like my face was carved of stone, not a real face at all. I found shelter in my car, cranked up the heater and seat warmers and defrosted. Gradually the clouds parted and allowed the sun to visit for a spell.. Thank you, thank you!! Below are fun photos of our outing.

Dad and Connor building rockets for the "Flying Up" ceremony. So glad for the men today, I didn't have it in me to be mechanical. 

Iced Tea and Lemonade, I should have brought Hot tea and Hot Chocolate.. 

The ceremonial bridge, once they cross under the rainbow balloons, and reach the other side, they are given the green vest and proclaimed a Jr. Girl Scout..

They really are darling little girls.

Sydnie giving the girlscout handshake and being knighted a Jr.  Such progress little peanut.

Here she is, another level of service.

The girls wrote on a piece of tissue, their wishes, hopes and dreams and stuffed them inside the rocket. Once launched, the wishes go into the matrix of space and time and grant the letting go or bringing in,
whatever the girls desire. I love this practice it puts it in the believable place of the mythic where all magic happens. I asked her what her wish was, she looked at me like i was crazy... "Mom thats my secret if I tell it won't happen!" (silly me just being a mom)

Dad loading the rocket on the launcher...

And it's off.... Where will it land, waiting now for the desires of the tissue to manifest into reality!

And this tree played with the girls, It caught 2 of the rockets leaving a tear or two in the crowd. But a brave Dad climbed up the branches and freed the toys, laughter and joy erupted, and this tree smiled as if its dreams of playing with children had been a dream come true!

Me...well after 3 hours of the elements and a face that felt like marble, I was desperate to get home to my moist heat wrap and a cozy blanket. As I once again de-frosted and rested, i reflected on this fun day at the park with my kids.. I love the girl scout program, Sydnie has learned to do all kinds of service, and skills that any young woman should be armed with. Not to mention that once a year, our pantry fills up with those cookies,  so be on the look out for next year, you never know, a little blonde curly haired girl, wearing a green vest embroidered "Sydnie" may be knocking on your door with a form and a toothless smile asking if you would like to load your pantry as well.. Aww the milestones, aren't they great. Even when mother nature isn't cooperating. 


  1. Tresa, Thanks so much for your blog, I picked up may tips from here and wanted to thank you. I am 13 days post-op with banded shut jaws, and doing well.

    What I find so cool @ this point, is seeing you transition back into your normal role in the family...and what a lovely family it is!


  2. Thank you Lynn,
    I have thought about you and hope your recovery is going well. If you have any links to info or photos please share. Sending you healing love and light!